The City of Hutto only maintains major arterials that are not maintained by the Home Owner Association.

Property Owners

Property owners are responsible for mowing private property to the edge of roadways or curb lines, as well as keep curb lines clear of debris and weeds.

Home Owners Associations

HOAs are responsible for mowing ditch lines and rights-of-way for their subdivisions. Please contact your HOA to find out exactly which public areas they are responsible for maintaining.

Williamson County Maintenance

Contact Williamson County, which can be contacted at 512-930-4300, is responsible for maintenance to the following areas:

  • Along county roads
  • Rivers Crossing
  • The Heights of Deer Field
  • Tradesmen Park

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) maintains areas along state highways and farm to market roads.

FM Road Maintenance

For any maintenance E of FM 685, call the Taylor TXDOT office at 512-365-5254, and for any maintenance west of FM685, call the Georgetown office at 512-930-4700.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps

To view a GIS map of what areas local, county, and state agencies/organizations maintain.