Billing Information


  • City utility bills are calculated on monthly billing cycles based upon geographic areas.
  • Bills are due within 15 days of the billing date, with no second notice required, per the City's utility ordinance.
  • A late fee of 10% will automatically be added on the 16th day after the billing date. When due date falls on a weekend or legal City holiday, the due date is extended to the next business day.
  • Water service will be turned off for nonpayment after 25 days after the billing date.


  • A processing fee of $50 for disconnection/reconnection due to nonpayment will be charged to all accounts if payment is not made by the due date on the disconnection notice regardless if service was disconnected or not. Your account may also be subject to being charged an additional deposit.
  • Service that is reconnected after hours will be charged a fee of $50 in addition to the $50 processing fee.
  • Customers who have their water service through Manville WS.C. per agreement with your water supplier water service can be disconnected due to nonpayment of wastewater (sewer) and garbage service. Water service can also be disconnected if wastewater (sewer) and garbage are not set up with the City of Hutto and the home has City wastewater (sewer). A processing fee of $100 will be applied if water service is disconnected.

Customer Responsibility

Failure to receive a bill or a disconnection notice does not exempt a customer from responsibility to make payment. Customers may review billing and make payments online.