Sewer Winter Averaging

For City of Hutto water service customers, residential wastewater volume billing is based on the average of the customer's water consumption during the winter months of November, December, January, and February when water is typically lower due to minimal landscape watering. Each year this average is calculated and used for the following twelve months wastewater volume billing.

A flat rate is charged to wastewater service only accounts or accounts that have not established a winter average history with the City of Hutto.

Reduce Water Consumption During Wastewater Winter Averaging Months

  • Use water for household use only
  • Turn off irrigation system, outside watering will only make the wastewater charges higher
  • Check for leaks; even a small leak can make a big difference in your water bill 

Leak Adjustments

If you should have a leak during the winter averaging months. By providing documentation of leak repair, our office may be able to consider an adjustment to wastewater average.