Establish Utility Service

Customers are asked to fill out the New Commercial Utilities Application (PDF). In order to establish utility service, the City of Hutto requires the following information:

  • The page on closing document, lease, or management agreement showing name, address, and date of purchase.
  • Employer ID Number
    • Deposit and service fee of $35 will be due at the time the account is established. The account number will then be provided with steps on how to make the payment. 

Other Validation Documentation

If you do not have a Tax ID Number you will need to the following:

  • Deposit
  • Driver License
  • Social Security Card

Additional Information

Service should be requested and information received at least two business days prior to service start date. If the water service is currently off, it is the responsibility of the resident to make sure that all water sources inside and outside of the home are off at the time the water is turned on. If the water meter shows that a water source is on, it will be turned off to avoid any flooding.

The City of Hutto is not responsible for any damages caused by flooding due to the negligence of the resident.

Fire Hydrant Water Meter (Construction Use)

Complete the Fire Hydrant Meter Request Form.

Deposit $1500.00 plus $300.00 Service Fee required when requesting service.

A backflow preventer must be provided by contractor. At the time of fire hydrant installation contractor must perform a backflow prevention test and complete "Fire Hydrant Temporary Water Test and Maintenance Report".