Establish Utility Service

In order to establish utility service, the City of Hutto requires the following:

  • Complete Residential Utility Application (PDF)
  • Drivers License/ID
  • The page showing name, address and date on lease agreement if renting or closing papers if buying
  • Deposit and a service fee of $35 will be due at the time the application is submitted

Residential Utility Application

In order to establish or transfer utility services customers are asked to complete a Utility Application, submit the utility application with copy of driver license/ID and a copy of lease agreement if renting or closing papers if purchasing. If more than one person is listed on the lease or closing papers both people will have to be included on the utility application. This information may be submitted by fax, email or in person.

Service Request Notice

Service should be requested and information received at least two business days prior to service start date.

Customer Responsibility

If the water service is currently off, the City of Hutto will not be responsible for any damages caused by flooding due to the resident leaving a water source on inside or outside of the home at the time the water is turned on. If the water meter indicates a water source may be on, the service technician may leave the water off to avoid any flooding, in this case an additional service fee will be assessed if service technician has to go back to turn on water service due to water source was left on. It is the responsibility of the resident to make sure that all water sources inside and outside of the home are off at the time the water is scheduled to be turned on.

Service Schedule

Water service connections are scheduled during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Any water service connected after hours will be assessed a $50 after hour connections fee.

Lakeside Estates, Park at Brushy Creek & Riverwalk Subdivisions

The same requirements are required for any service addresses in Lakeside Estates, Park at Brushy Creek and Riverwalk Subdivisions, the City of Hutto will provide wastewater, garbage and recycling services only. Manville WS.C. provides the water services, contact them at 888-856-2488. Per agreement with Manville WS.C the water services are subject to be turned off if wastewater, garbage and, recycling services are not established with the city.

Hutto Park & Hutto Highlands Subdivisions

For service addresses in Hutto Park and Hutto Highlands Subdivisions, contact Jonah SU.D at 512-759-1286. Jonah provides the water, wastewater, and recycling services.