Payment Options

Pay Online

Pay your utility bill online with credit/debit cards, Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover. NOTE: Effective Oct. 18, 2021, Hutto customers who choose the convenience of paying by credit or debit card will be charged 2% of the balance. You can avoid the 2% fee charged by the credit card company if you pay by check, cash, money order, or you sign up for auto-draft with a checking account, as described below.

  • Option 1: Quick Pay (no login required), you will need your account number and last payment amount each time for this option.
  • Option 2: Login to Account Management to access account detail. You will be required to register with account number, last payment amount and email address for first time only.

Online Payment Assistance

Contact Utility Billing Office if you need assistance at 512-759-4055.

Auto Draft Options

Auto draft will have your monthly bill automatically debited from your checking account or credit card to save time.

  • Option 1: Bank draft complete Direct Debit Form (PDF) and return to the Utility Billing office with a voided check, and a copy of ID. Auto payment will be scheduled on due date.
  • Option 2: Register or log into online payments for auto draft with credit card only, enrolling on auto pay online it is recommended auto payment to be made 5 business days before due date. and two days after the bill date. If payment is scheduled after due date it will incur a late penalty and if left unpaid it will result in disconnection of services. If payment is scheduled before the bill date the balance will be zero and will not auto draft is there is no balance due. For more information on bill dates and due dates look at a current billing statement or contact our office.

Cancel Auto Draft

Submit the Cancel Direct Debit Form (PDF) to the Utility Billing office to cancel your auto draft service.

Pay by Phone

Payment by phone 866-285-9354 through the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system will allow you to make a payment and get real time account information at any time. You will need the 9 digit account number that is located on top right hand corner of your billing statement. For your safety and ours, customer service representatives will not accept credit card payments over the phone.

To make this a successful tool it is important that your utility account has a good contact phone number. Please contact Utility Billing to have your account information updated or to take advantage of this free service.

Pay by Mail

Checks or money orders only, no cash! Make Money orders and checks payable to the City of Hutto please include name, address, account number or payment stub on checks and money orders to ensure proper credit. Allow 5 to 7 business days for payment to arrive in our office by mail. If payment arrives after due date it will incur a late penalty or can result in disconnection of services.

Payments should be mailed to:

City of Hutto
Attn: Utility Billing
500 W Live Oak Street
Hutto, Texas 78634

Pay in Person

Payments can be made in person with a credit/debit card, cash, money order, or check at the Utility Billing office.

Payment Drop Box (Blue)

A box is located in the City Hall parking lot, available at any time. Checks, or money orders must include account number, name, address or payment stub to ensure proper credit to account. Payment drop box is emptied once a day at 8 am during normal business days. Do not pay with cash in payment drop box.