Residential Garbage

COVID-19 Measures

Al Clawson Disposal is asking for assistance from our customers to take a proactive approach and minimize any potential for exposure to COVID-19 virus, please secure all solid waste in bags and place inside the cart. Recycle products at this time may remain loose inside the cart.

Upon placing and removing cars at the curb we highly encourage that the handles of the carts be sanitized and wash your hands. The garbage trucks are equipped with cart tippers, limiting the handling of the cart only. Garbage collection industry does not provide the opportunity to work from home, they are committed to making a small difference wherever possible.

On behalf of the Al Clawson Disposal crew they appreciate your cooperation during this time. For more information contact Al Clawson Disposal at 512-930-5490 in reference to the temporary changes to yard waste.

Garbage & Recycling Container

Residents have a choice in garbage and recycling container sizes:

  • 95 gal. Trash Container and 95 gallon Recycle Bin (Bulk Waste Included): $18.69
  • 95 gal. Trash Container and 65 gallon Recycle Bin (Bulk Waste Included): $17.79
  • 65 gal. Trash Container and 95 gallon Recycle Bin (Bulk Waste Not Included): $16.25
  • 65 gal. Trash Container and 65 gallon Recycle Bin (Bulk Waste Not Included): $15.39

Additional Garbage Information

  • To exchange current size containers please contact Utility Billing at 512-759-4055.
  • Containers will be delivered on your normal scheduled garbage pickup day.
  • Monthly fee includes, trash, recycling, bulk waste pick up, street maintenance fee, and sales tax.
  • Bulk waste pick-up is not included with 65 gallon trash container selection. Contact Al Clawson Disposal at 512-930-5490 for additional pickup request (include up to 3 cubic yards or 6 carts). Al Clawson Disposal Inc will bill the customer $8.75 per pick up.
  • Bulk waste pick up may include furniture, appliances, 18 extra garbage bags, yard clippings, tree trimmings etc.
    • All brush or tree trimmings have to be bundled no longer than 4 feet in length. Do not place these items in the trash/recycle bins.
    • Bulk pickup has a limit of 18 cubic feet or 18 bag limit. If bulk is over this limit it will not be picked up, you may contact garbage disposal company to scheduled an extra pick up for an additional fee.
    • Refrigerators will not be picked up unless garbage disposal is contacted and scheduled for pickup for an extra fee,
    • No TV’s will be picked up at curbside. Contact a electronic recycling company for pickup or disposal.
    • Construction materials will not be picked up at curbside.
    • Toilets have to be clean and have no water in them to be picked up
    • All bulk items must be placed on curbside outside of containers.
  • Read Consumer Affair’s article on various methods of mattress disposal
  • Place garbage and recycling containers with lid closed at the curb side by 6 am on your assigned collection day.
  • Recyclables must be rinsed, caps removed and placed inside recycling container. Recyclables include Metals, Glass, Paper, Plastics. For more detailed information visit the Recycling Information page.
  • Do not place the following in recycling container; no trash, plastic bags, electronics, brush or yard waste.
  • No Household Hazardous Waste is allowed in trash or recycling containers; no aerosols, poisons, chemicals, paints, fuels, oil or oil filters.
  • Garbage containers must be removed from curb by the next morning per city ordinance.
  • No trash pick up on the following holidays Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.
  • Additional carts are provided at 50% of the monthly rate.
  • Tenant Clean Out includes up to 10 cubic yards for $150. Al Clawson Disposal will bill the customer.