Sponsor Downtown Hutto

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Beautiful and historic, Downtown Hutto is home to local business, shops, and restaurants. As you stroll the newly renovated streets, you'll find lovely gifts for the special people in your life, services to make your day-to-day life better, and delicious food to satisfy any craving.


Any accepted donation or sponsorship which would obligate the City to enter into a service or procurement agreement will be reviewed under the City procurement process.

The City encourages donations of materials with the understanding that such items have a useful life, and that the City assumes no responsibility for replacement or upkeep. Once a donation is accepted, it becomes City property and the City may maintain, replace, or dispose of the item unless the donation is explicitly restricted.

The City cannot guarantee the tax deductibility of a donation but may provide the donating party with a letter of acknowledgment and a statement of the City's intended use.

City employees who have primary responsibility for the procurement of services, supplies, materials, and equipment or Public Works and/or Finance Departments, should not engage in solicitation of donations or sponsorships.