Outside Agency Funding

The Hutto City Council may provide funding to outside agencies and organizations that provide core services for the citizens of Hutto. The amount of funding received by each agency depends upon Council direction and the availability of funds. The City Council may fund up to 1.0% of the estimated General Fund revenues during the budget process. Click here for the full application and details on Outside Agency Funding (OAF).

General Timeline: 

  • Thursday, April 20: HRC Non-Profit Fair (open to the public) and OAF Technical Workshop from 11AM-1PM (open to any interested non-profits applying to funding). OAF Application posted to City website and publicity begins
  • Friday, July 7: Application deadline at 5PM
  • Tuesday, July 11: Committee of Council members begin reviewing applications 
  • Tuesday, August 1: Committee final review
  • Thursday, August 17: Committee presents recommendations to City Council, for possible action and approval
  • Early October: Award agreements are sent out after October 1, and funds are distributed at a later date

General Instructions:

  1. Review all funding criteria and documentation requirements prior to completing the application.
  2. Complete application.
  3. Compile required attachments, as listed. If unable to provide any of the required attachments, a narrative must be provided as to why the attachment(s) cannot be submitted.
  4. Submit two (2) copies of the funding application and two sets of attachments.
    • One copy should be submitted unbound and unstapled.
    • The second copy should be an electronic version of the application and all supporting documents.

Completed application packets should be submitted no later than 5 pm Friday, July 7, directed to: City of Hutto, Attention: Kristi Barnes, 500 W. Live Oak St., Hutto, TX 78634.  Questions? Please contact Kristi at 512-759-4059 or [email protected]