World Hippo Day

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World Hippo Day is recognized around the globe on February 15 each year. Here in Hutto, the City honors our beloved mascot through an annual celebration at City Hall.

On World Hippo Day 2023, the City premiered a short film titled “Hippo Loose in Hutto: The Legend of Hutto, Texas.” A “must-see movie” for anyone living, working or going to school in Hutto, the short film explores varying points of view about local hippo legends and the impact that this folklore has on the City’s modern-day culture.

The legend is told through interviews with leaders from the City of Hutto, Hutto ISD and the Hutto Chamber of Commerce, plus a variety of local residents with unique perspectives on Hippo Nation. The film also features an original song composed by Hutto ISD music teacher, Lexie DeAnda-Trejo and performed by elementary students from Veterans' Hill Elementary.

View "Hippo Loose in Hutto: The Legend of Hutto, Texas" below: