Surveys & Input

Public dialogue is an important value in the City of Hutto! We strive to build a "culture of listening" to help City leaders make well-informed decisions impacting your quality of life. Input is welcomed year round through a variety of surveys, open houses, and other forums. For current input opportunities, visit Hutto POV! Or scroll down to see the results of our City Services & Culture community survey, conducted every other year via random sample. 

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City Surveys & Culture Survey

Since 2022, the City of Hutto has contracted with ETC Institute to conduct a community survey every other year. The City conducts this survey with ETC to measure and better understand residents’ level of satisfaction with City services, as well as their opinions on core topics such growth, facilities, inclusivity, and quality of life. ETC has significant experience conducting similar surveys for cities of all sizes across Texas and the US. This depth of experience enables City of Hutto staff and residents to consider the results in the context of Texas averages and national averages. 

The survey results are considered to be statistically valid, meaning they represent the actual demographics of the Hutto community. The results have a precision of at least +/-4.7% at the 95% level of confidence; this means that if the survey was administered 100 times, the results would be the same at least 95 of those times.  When looking at the survey results (posted below), we encourage you to focus on increases/decreases of 5% or more in the 2024 survey compared to the 2022 results; changes smaller than that fall within the normal margin of error and aren’t considered statistically significant.

The City intends to partner with ETC again in 2026, to continue measuring trends and help identify emerging issues. 

2024 Community Survey Results and Resources