Water Quality

2022 Water Quality Report

Discolored Water Causes & Solutions

Water ColorPossible Cause / Solution
BrownWater line construction in the area, hydrant flushing or manganese in the water supply; call 512-759-4016 to flush the hydrants
Milky/CloudyAir bubbles from the pipes or a temperature change
YellowManganese or resin from water softener
Black ParticlesDegraded rubber gaskets, o-rings, or meter washers; check faucet head and replace o-ring

Water Softeners

For questions on water softener settings, please contact your equipment service provider.

For questions, comments or concerns, please submit a ticket to the "Water Quality Concerns" section under the Public Works division of the City's Citizen Request Tracker. Relevant City staff will read all submissions and respond as soon as possible. Click here to access the Citizen Request Tracker.