Financial Transparency

Transparency Stars

The City of Hutto is committed to transparent governance and fostering an organization built on public trust and accountability. The Texas Comptroller's Transparency Star Program recognizes municipalities that exemplify these core values and "...provide clear and meaningful financial information..." to their residents through an easily accessible medium. 

On this page you can view the Transparency Stars the City of Hutto has applied for, which include the Traditional Finances, Debt Obligations, and Public Pensions Stars. 

The Transparency Stars program is administered by the Texas Comptroller. Read more about it here here.


Traditional Finances

The data under the Traditional Finances Transparency Star contains a general overview of the City's finances, taken primarily from the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).

Debt Obligations [Coming Soon]

The data under the Debt Obligations Transparency Star walks viewers through the nature of the City's current debt obligations.


Public Pensions

The data under the Public Pensions Transparency Star details the financial health of the City of Hutto's Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) public pension plan, which is a municipal pension plan administered by the State of Texas but funded through member contributions. 

Additional Financial Transparency

Financial Services Department Responsibilities

The Financial Services Department coordinates the preparation of the monthly budget to actual, balance sheet, net position, and investment reports to align with the annual budget of the City.

Monthly reports are updated each month throughout the fiscal year, starting in May 2017. They can be found by visiting the Budget page

These reports are available for public review. Please contact Christina Bishop at [email protected]