Traditional Finances

The Traditional Finances Transparency Star provides a general overview of the City's expenditure/revenue trends and general financial health through an accumulation of data to include: City budgets, Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports, Check Register Reports, and a variety of financial summaries. Information on this page is not live and is updated monthly. 

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Financial Summaries

The following financial summaries are from the most recently completed fiscal year (FY 2021-2022) and give a broad overview of the City of Hutto's fiscal health. All the data on this page was retrieved from the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the 2022 Fiscal Year, which can be viewed here.

Financial Summary Per Capita Revenues and Expenditures
Per Capita Revenues/Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2022
Visualization Property Tax Per 100 Valuation


The City of Hutto's annual budget serves as a financial plan for government operations for the ensuing fiscal year (October 1st - September 30th). The budget identifies spending plans and revenue estimates for City services. To view an archive of previous years' budgets, click here. To download a raw format budget for the prior fiscal year (FY 23), click here.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)  

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) provides information related to the City's financial health, operations, and compliance with governmental standards over the course of a fiscal year. The ACFR is audited by an independent auditor, and demonstrates the actual results of the prior fiscal year's activities. To view an archive of the City of Hutto's ACFR's, click here

Check Registers

The following check reports detail payments made by the City to vendors. Information on these reports include: payment date, payment type, payment amount, vendor name, and description of the transaction. Reports are categorized by fiscal year, with the most current being updated on a monthly basis. 

  • Check Report FY 2020 (Excel)
  • Check Report FY 2021 (Excel)
  • Check Report FY 2022 (Excel)
  • Check Report FY 2023 (Excel)