Volunteer Programs for Emergencies

The Hutto Department of Emergency Management staff, along with the volunteers of the Hutto Emergency Preparedness and Response Support Group, are seeking volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities during emergency situations! To sign up, please scroll down and click on "SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST." 


Opportunities to Contribute:

State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR) – Volunteers needed to conduct welfare checks on neighbors who are registered for this program during an emergency. These volunteers will be vetted and trained to do this work when needed. First responder and/or healthcare experience is preferred but not necessary.

Damage Assessment Teams – Volunteers will be trained to conduct preliminary damage assessments on individual homes and business across Hutto via the Individual Assistance State Assessment Tool (iSTAT). Construction, insurance, and/or inspections experience is preferred.

Sheltering and Family Assistance Center Support – Volunteers will be trained by the American Red Cross to assist with shelter operations, family assistance, and/or reunification. Tasks will vary from issuing supplies, feeding, cleaning, and accountability.

Point of Distribution Assistance Teams – Volunteers will help distribute basic supplies from distribution points.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Support – Volunteers needed to assist EOC with scribing, document filing, feeding, and serving as certified HAM radio technicians.

Spontaneous Volunteer Management – Volunteers will assist with the accountability of spontaneous volunteers, tasking and organizing volunteer work assignments, documentation support, issuance of personal protective equipment as needed, and other related tasks.

Preparedness and Community Outreach – Volunteers needed to focus on preparedness information and training. These volunteers will assist the Emergency Management Department with creating opportunities to provide information to the public and coordinate appropriate training to enhance individual readiness across the community.

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