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Posted on: December 19, 2022

Winter Weather Reminders

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As a freeze is expected to hit Hutto and the surrounding area this Thursday (Dec. 22), the public is urged to take steps now for prevention and protection! 

Sign up for emergency alerts.  

One of the primary ways weather officials and government leaders will communicate about severe weather and major safety issues is through Sign up now to receive emergency alerts, such as directives to take shelter in extreme weather. You can choose how you want to be alerted, such as by text, call, and/or email. Don't wait!

Keep your pipes from freezing.

Plan ahead to protect your pipes from freezing, primarily by allowing the faucets to drip slightly and keep water moving. In the case of a burst pipe, to try your best to turn off the water valve yourself, as shown in this video. But if you do need emergency help, you can Hutto Public works after hours at 512-759-4016. 

NOTE: Please do NOT call Public Works if you've lost power! Instead, directly contact Oncor to report power outages or downed lines; see info below.

Plants and pets, too!

While you’re protecting your pipes, don’t forget your pets and plants! Pets should be brought indoors when the temperatures drop to the 30s or lower to prevent frostbite or even death. (Even if they are “outdoor” animals, consider making a warm spot for them in the garage or some other shelter with fresh water.) If you are concerned about the wellbeing of an animal during bad weather, you may call the Hutto Police Department’s non-emergency number at (512) 846-2200 for Animal Control assistance.

Likewise, for vulnerable outdoor plants, water and cover them with a cloth fabric. Bring potted plants indoors if possible.

Get power alerts.   

The City of Hutto has a “weather emergency resources” webpage with lots of great tips for stay safe and warm during winter weather. Click here. It includes links to sign up for outage alerts from Oncor and a video on how to get the most of out of these alerts.

Make note of your water provider.

Did you know there are three different water service providers in the Hutto community? Make sure you know which one is yours! Click here for the map, and save the phone number in case you ever lose water pressure or have water questions:             

  • City of Hutto Utilities 512-759-4055
  • Jonah Water S.U.D. 512-759-1286
  •  Manville W.S.C. 888-856-2488

Sign up for the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry.

The State of Texas offers an Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR) program, a free registry that provides local emergency management planners and responders with information related to your needs during an emergency. Those who are disabled, medically fragile, need transportation assistance, or have other functional needs are encouraged to sign up by clicking here.

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