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Posted on: December 27, 2022

What a Year! City Volunteer Appreciation

SWAT Team luncheon 10-28-22

What a year 2022 has been for the City of Hutto, thanks in no small part to the support of the volunteers on City boards, commissions and task forces! These are the groups who ensure the voice of the people continues to be heard by City decision-makers. These are the volunteers who understand the “Hippo Way.”  Without them, we would be a city but not a community. Please join us in recognizing the contributions of City of Hutto volunteers this year, as summarized below. 

Note: Click on the group’s name to see their full membership list and learn more about their meetings and mission. You’ll see that some of these groups have vacancies and are actively looking for NEW members—click here to apply! 


Chair: Perry Savard 

Council Liaison: Amberley Kolar 

Hutto Parks volunteers are some of the most active and influential helpers in the City. This year, the Board developed and passed new Parks & Recreation Ordinances to help keep Hutto greenspace beautiful and enjoyable for years to come. They also passed Standards of Care. But perhaps they’re most proud of once again earning the Tree City USA distinction for the City.



Council Liaison: Krystal Kinsey 

This relatively new group had just enough volunteers to begin digging into the important work this year of identifying gaps and opportunities in ensuring all Hutto community members have full access to City resources and services.   

This year, the Task Force supported the conversion of a parking spot in front of the Library to become an additional ADA parking spot.  They also played an important role in supporting event programming for those who need sensory limitations.   



Chairman of the Board: Mike Arismendez 

Council Liaison: Mike Snyder 

The Hutto EDC rebranded itself this year with an all-new website, logo, outreach strategy and even a new tagline, “Advancing Growth and Opportunity.” 

The EDC sold 400 acres of land this year at the Hutto Megasite, to become home to over 1 billion dollars in technology-related development over the next 3 to 5 years. While the Megasite projects are largely focused on datacenters and advanced manufacturing, the EDC has also made exciting progress to increase retail and entertainment opportunities in Hutto. 



Chair: Rick Hudson   

Council Liaison: Robin Sutton 

This year, P&Z made over two dozen recommendations to City Council on crucial topics including Future Land Use Map revisions, Special Use Permit changes, Public Utility District amendments, and Capital Improvement Projects.

Their work in 2022 has defined a path forward for the school district, local parks, commercial developers, residential developers, small businesses, utilities, infrastructure and more.  And 2023 looks to be just as busy.    



Chair: Tara Chappell  

Council Liaison: Dan Thornton 

The Library Board’s proudest contributions this year was their review and approval of important updates to Hutto Public Library policies. These updates added much-needed procedures for material challenges, so that the Library can best serve the Hutto Community.   

Please also take a moment to honor the memory of Emma Peters, an Advisory Board member and a loyal patron of the Library who passed away this Fall. 



Chair: Brian Thompson 

Council Liaison: Krystal Kinsey 

The D&I planned and strategized a major part of the City-wide survey that will be important data in the City’s upcoming Strategic Planning process. These survey results will also be used directly by the Commission to enhance and improve diversity-and-inclusion-related initiatives in the City.  



Chair: Deanne Worley  

Council Liaison: Peter Gordon 

The HPC continues to focus on maintaining a vibrant Historic District through project approval. This year they approved several new homes as well as remodels and a live/work building in Historic Downtown Hutto.   

In addition, a larger coordination effort with the School District also took place this year. This will determine how to re-develop the Riverhorse Campus, salvage materials from the historic school building, and create a campus that will serve the ISD for generations to come. 



Council Liaisons: Dan Thornton and Randal Clark 

Their biggest accomplishment this year was providing feedback and input along the way as the City developed a new, long-range Comprehensive Plan. Called Hutto Soar 2040, this plan is ready to go to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in early 2023. It will become the main guiding document for the City of Hutto for the next two decades.



Council Liaison: Mike Snyder 

Coming out of SNOVID, the work of this short-range group has been urgent and valuable. One of their proudest accomplishments this year was supplying radios to the City at no expense to the taxpayers. The radios will be given to the Task Force Members and other individuals who will help respond in emergency situations as another potential line of communication. 

The group also identified Cluster Duck to eventually be used as a way for community members to get the help they need in an emergency. Cluster Duck is similar to a hotspot connection that can be used by residents during times of crisis to communicate with emergency personnel.   



Led by: Jean Little 

This wonderful collaboration began this Fall between the City and a local service organization, who call themselves SWAT: Seniors With Available Time. We are so fortunate to have these friendly seniors give their available time to greet and direct visitors at Hutto City Hall. They have greatly warmed up the lobby, and we love having them on Team Hutto.    



The ZBA is a board that meets only when necessary, going to the Building & Standards Commission for clarification in interpreting the Unified Development Code if there is a conflict.   

This group met nearly 10 times this year, an increase over last year. It takes commitment to be volunteers and undertake a role in a "sometimes board". We extend our thanks to you for serving our community! 



While this group didn’t have to meet in 2022, that’s a GOOD thing! It means the adopted building codes are being met, without alternate compliance being needed. 

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