Are you planning to build a structure in Old Town?

Please note that all new construction (buildings, accessory buildings, fence types not on the fence brochure, and other structures) visible from the public street requires a Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF) prior to permits being issued.  A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is issued by the Historic Preservation Commission based on the proposed structure's compatibility with the historic district. 

A Certificate of Appropriateness is also required for exterior modifications and additions to contributing structures. Review external modifications frequently asked questions for more information.

COAs are only good for 180 days and will require a separate Site Plan and Building Permit submittal, depending on the scope of work approved. 

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1. Are you planning to build a structure in Old Town?
2. Do I need a Certificate of Appropriateness?
3. How do I obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness?
4. What if I make changes to the plans during construction, after the Certificate of Appropriateness has been granted?