Where is this happening?

The updated maps encompass the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) boundary, which includes much of southwest Williamson County. There are a few floodplains immediately north and east of this watershed boundary that will also be revised because these existing floodplains are within a Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Map panel already being revised with this watershed study.

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1. Why are floodplain maps being updated?
2. How often are they updated?
3. Who initiated the update?
4. Where is this happening?
5. What is the general impact of new floodplains?
6. What are the steps in the process and when will it be complete?
7. What does this mean for me?
8. What is the plan for educating the public on all of this?
9. Who can Hutto citizens call for questions and where do I get additional information?