Demolition Permit Application
Submit a site plan, complete with dimensions of all property lines with the completed permit application. 

The Permit fee's are $32 Residential and $107 Commercial.

Unified Development Code 10.203.6 Demolition permit Intent
  • Development Services staff will review demolition permits to ensure work will take place according to applicable rules. Applicability
  • A demolition permit is required to tear down any structure. Criteria
Demolition permit requests are evaluated using the following criteria:
  • The structure or site is not designated as a historic structure by any government agency. If it is designated, it must be shown the building cannot be saved, and the demolition was authorized subject to federal, state, county or local agency processes and rules.
  • The structure or site must be reviewed by the fire department for compliance with Fire Code requirements. Process
  • Refer to development application. Conditions
  • Development Services staff must inspect the site before demolition starts. Utilities must be disconnected and properly capped, meter sizes notated, with utility company verification given.
  • Demolition of buildings shall follow and be regulated by the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Act (TAHPA) EXCEPT single family dwelling or an apartment complex of 4 units or less that will continue to be used as a residence or apartment complex of 4 or less units.
  • Hazardous materials (including asbestos) must be removed and disposed of properly. TCEQ notification is required if excessive amounts of asbestos are removed.
  • Fugitive dust mitigation is required at demolition sites.
  • Debris must be removed from the site and recycled or disposed at a landfill.
  • A demolition permit is valid for 90 days from the time of approval. Demolition must take place over a 30 day period, or 90 days for “green demolition” where the building is carefully deconstructed and the bulk of materials are recycled and/or reused.

If you have questions please contact Development Services - Building, Permitting and Inspections at 512-846-2640 or email us at