Streets and Drainage Project Updates

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGLive Oak Street Reconstruction Project

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for updates on funding, details and schedule. The meeting presentation can be found here.
Hutto City Hall
500 W. Live Oak St.
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Upcoming Projects

Old Town Street and Drainage Improvements - 
(Beginning with Live Oak and Taylor Streets)
The Old Town Street and Drainage projects began with Live Oak Street in September 2019. Currently, the waterline is being replaced from Park Street to West Street. Once the installation of the new waterline is complete, Atmos Energy will begin gasline relocation and other utilities will be relocated as necessary. When these are done, the reconstruction of the street will begin. The street project should begin in late Summer. The second project in the Bond Program is Taylor Street. The design of the street has already begun and should be partially completed by the Summer months. Construction will not begin until the waterline is replaced and all utilities are relocated. The overall Old Town Street Improvements projects will provide some improvement to all streets within Old Town with General Obligation bonds approved by voters in November 2018. ($16.95M)  Construction is to be done primarily by City of Hutto Public Works Crews. Public meetings with residents will be scheduled prior to construction. 

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGLive Oak Street Drainage, Waterline and Road Reconstruction -From West Street to Park Street
Planned Improvements -
 - One 12-foot lane in each direction
 - Storm sewer underground
 - Drainage improvements
 - Curb and gutter
 - Asphalt overlay finish
4-foot sidewalks in each direction
 - Parallel parking in both directions
Project Schedule:

Fall 2019
 -Waterline installation – City Public Works Department
     - Approximately 4-5 months
 - Gas line relocation – Atmos Energy
     - Approximately 5-6 months
Spring 2020
 - Street demolition/reconstruction begins - City Street Department
     - Approximately 12-15 months
Estimated completion: Spring 2021          

Hwy. 79 median at Co-Op Boulevard
Construction is continuing as the contractor is finishing up the subgrade and base levels in preparation of laying asphalt in the coming weeks. Nighttime lane closures are continuing.

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGFM 1660 intersection improvements

City’s consultant is starting detailed design now with an anticipated start of construction (starting with FM 1660 and Limmer Loop) early in 2020. The following intersections are currently under design, with construction planned to begin in 2020.
 - North FM 1660 at Limmer Loop
- North FM 1660 at Hwy. 79
- South FM 1660 at Hwy. 79
TxDOT is currently under construction with a project to improve FM 1660 from King Lane in Hutto to FM 973. The project includes the addition of some turn lanes, improved shoulders, removal of a large curve, addition of sidewalk, resurfacing and drainage improvements. Once the project is complete it will provide improved function of FM 1660 in the southern parts of the City of Hutto.

Cross Creek
Construction is currently underway. Project comprises an easterly extension of Carl Stern Drive including a bridge over Cottonwood Creek as well as a north/south neighborhood collector extending from the proposed Carl Stern to CR 199.  

CR 119
Construction of CR 119 extension from Limmer Loop to Chandler Road is complete. Project was done by Williamson County with participation by the City of Hutto. The new road provides new access from the City of Hutto to the north and creates an extension of Ed Schmidt Blvd. 

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGCR 137

Planned improvements as part of the recent City of Hutto Road and Drainage Bond. Project will include reconstruction of the current road including drainage improvements and installation of sidewalk. Project currently scheduled to begin in 2021.

CR 132
Beginning November 19th CR 132 will be closed to through traffic between Limmer Loop and CR 133.  Closure will be due to the construction of drainage improvements across CR 132 related to the Hutto Highlands subdivision construction. Please see the attached traffic control plan for reference to road closure and detours. Closure is expected to remain in place for 6-8 months. The contractor installed message boards starting November 12th informing the public of the coming closure.

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGOverpass @ US 79 and CR 132

Planned improvements as part of the recent City of Hutto Road and Drainage Bond. Currently in the preliminary design stage. City is evaluating options on alignment of roadway. Project will provide free north/south movement within the City of Hutto across the railroad and US 79 eliminating a huge barrier to mobility within the city and increasing safety and emergency response times.  This project will also include the construction of a jug handle road to connect the CR 132 overpass to US 79.

US 79 at Perfect Game
As part of the Perfect Game development it is proposed to construct a new north/south public road connecting US 79 and Limmer Loop through the perfect game development, the existing Mager Lane will connect to the new road. The new road will include a traffic signal at the intersection with US 79. In addition to the new road there will be additional driveways into the Perfect Game site from US 79 including acceleration and deceleration lanes and potentially one more signalized intersection with US 79.  As part of the requirements for the Perfect Game development there will be a traffic impact analysis, which is currently underway. The traffic impact analysis will provide details on necessary improvements to existing roads and intersections that are anticipated to be impacted by the increased traffic generated by the Perfect Game development. Based on the results of the traffic impact analysis the perfect game development will be required to build or contribute to the construction of the needed improvements.

Co-Op District
All submitted site plans have been approved:
Flix Brewhouse, Southside Market and BBQ, and the retail area adjacent to the silos where Top Notch Burgers will develop.
The retail area already has a layer of asphalt, Southside BBQ now has a foundation poured and Flix Brewhouse is leveling their plot for construction. For more info from the developer click here:

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGCottonwood Creek Channel Improvements
Flood hazard mitigation by addition of second channel to facilitate higher flows, includes a detailed engineering study. Currently in the planning and initial engineering study stage. 

2019 Bond Update ALTERNATE Logo White BGLegends of Hutto Drainage Channel Improvements
Currently in the project evaluation and coordination stage. Construction expected to be done by city crews.