Texas Book Festival 2019 Grant Recipient

2019 Texas Book Festival Grant to enhance Junior Non-Fiction

The Texas Book Festival announced on April 18 the  winners of the Texas Book Festival 2019 Grant. This year, 41 public libraries received grants totaling $100,500, according to a news release by the Texas Book Festival.

The Hutto Public Library is proud to announce it is a Texas Book Festival 2019 Library Grant recipient awarding the library with $2,500 to enhance the Junior Non-Fiction collection for grade levels K-7. The books provided by the grant will let youth explore science, technology, engineering, social, and biographical, cultural, and educational subjects. Increasing the number of up-to-date non-fiction material would allow students to pursue factual “real life” and “background knowledge” research for science projects, homework, and recreational reading.  These books will allow students to investigate subjects appealing to them potentially leading to future careers. The information in the grant books will assist with the introduction of solid informational knowledge based on the read material. 

For more information on the Texas Book Festival visit  at https://www.texasbookfestival.org/texas-library-grants/.