Reading Garden
The goals of the Reading Garden Project are as follows:
  • Beautify the land located behind the library
  • Create an area for native plants to grow
  • Provide a habitat for monarch butterflies
  • Provide an area outside for library programs and events 
  • Educate patrons about plants and butterflies
  • Provide a recreational activity for local gardeners

Contact the library if you would also like to be a donor.

This Eagle Scout Service Project was led by Chris Gordon, BSA Troop 190, through grants, donations, assistance, and volunteer work from:

  • Adult and Teen Library Volunteers
  • City of Hutto Parks and Recreation Department (assisting with killing the weeds, helping with the bugs, and planning when the library discovered there was road base 2 inches under soil from the old fire department's parking lot)
  • City of Hutto Public Works Department (donating rain barrels and leveling land)
  • Donations of free limestone rocks from a local Hutto resident Veronica Bernal
  • Free mulch from Williamson County Landfill
  • Friends of the Hutto Public Library (donating $200)
  • Girl Scout Troop 880 (decorating rain barrels)
  • Home Depot (Hutto, TX) (donating soil)
  • Library Staff (Susan Misiti creating the idea and donating plants)
  • Lowe's Community Grant ($1000) and Lowe's Home Improvement (Hutto, TX Store #2670) (discounting gravel and delivering gravel for free)
  • Native Plant Society of Texas, Williamson County Chapter (assisting with planning and donating plants)
  • Starbucks (Hutto, TX Store#23896) (donating coffee grounds to enrich soil)

Reading Garden Committee
The Reading Garden Committee consists of library staff and volunteers interested in helping plan, implement, and maintain the Reading Garden Project. Contact the library if you are interested in being a committee member or volunteer. 512.759.4008
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Reading Garden 3