Unified Development Code
All new development, except within Old Town, must fully comply with the UDC (Unified Development Code).
UDC Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
UDC Chapter 1 - Introduction
UCD Chapter 2 - Administration
UDC Chapter 3 - Land Use Standards
UDC Chapter 4 - Site Design Standards
UDC Chapter 5 - Site Design Standards - FBC & OT Districts
UDC Chapter 6 - Subdivision Standards
UDC Chapter 7 - Historic Preservation
UDC Chapter 8 - Stormwater & Drainage Standards
UDC Chapter 9 - Water & Wastewater Standards

UDC Chapter 10 - FBC and OT District Tables
Smart Code
Development within Old Town, and sites zoned SmartCode, must comply with the SmartCode (September 2016). Elements of a project not covered in the SmartCode defer to the UDC, as applicable.

Other City Ordinances
Other City Ordinances

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