Unified Development Code
All new development, except within Old Town, must fully comply with the UDC (Unified Development Code).
UDC Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
UDC Chapter 1 - Introduction
UCD Chapter 2 - Administration
UDC Chapter 3 - Land Use Standards
UDC Chapter 4 - Site Design Standards
UDC Chapter 5 - Site Design Standards - FBC & OT Districts
UDC Chapter 6 - Subdivision Standards
UDC Chapter 7 - Historic Preservation
UDC Chapter 8 - Stormwater & Drainage Standards
UDC Chapter 9 - Water & Wastewater Standards

UDC Chapter 10 - FBC and OT District Tables
Smart Code
Development within Old Town, and sites zoned SmartCode, must comply with the SmartCode (September 2016). Elements of a project not covered in the SmartCode defer to the UDC, as applicable.

Hutto Crossings PUD
The site at the southwest corner of FM 685 and US 79 is subject to the standards of the planned development, 
Hutto Crossings PUD (May 2013).

Table of Contents
Section 1: General Provision
Section 2: Development Plan
Section 3: Site Design Standards
Section 4: Subdivision Standards

Other City Ordinances
Other City Ordinances

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