Long-Range Planning
Mobility Master Plan
In Sept. 2017, the City Council authorized the City Manager to execute an agreement for professional engineering services with Kennedy consulting, for the 2017 Mobility Master Plan.

The Mobility Master Plan will include:
  • Master plans for walking, biking, driving, transit and freight systems.
  • Prioritized list of improvements for each travel mode, identifying the lead transportation agency — City, County, and State - TxDOT
  • City street cross-sections and recommended land use density by functional classification
  • Standard for street and walkway spacing standards and access management standards by functional classification
  • Recommendations for traffic impact fee program to fund transportation investments to serve growth
  • Stakeholder and community outreach throughout the entire planning process.
Hutto 2040 Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan is a tool used to guide growth in order to protect the public health, safety and welfare. It outlines the overall vision for the city’s future, and the steps needed to progress toward that vision. Future land use and development should align with the goals of the plan.

Hutto 2040 replaced the 2006 Growth Guidance Plan in May 2015, and references the existing plans listed below.

Hutto 2040 Comprehensive Plan - Updated

Old Town Master Plan
The intention of the Old Town Master Plan is to synthesize current community goals with previous planning efforts and policies, provide a clear guide and predictable framework for developers and citizens, and serve as a powerful graphic tool for visualizing preferred downtown development.

The Old Town Master Plan was adopted in March 2009.

Old Town Master Plan

Thoroughfare Plan
The Thoroughfare Plan identifies new roadways and roadway connections within Hutto’s growth area. It also classifies several existing roadways for future improvements. The goal of the Thoroughfare Plan is to create better connectivity between Hutto and the surrounding region, as well as within the city of Hutto.

The Thoroughfare was last updated in October 2011.

Thoroughfare Plan

Pedestrian Mobility Plan
The Pedestrian Mobility Plan identifies missing sidewalks which hinder residents' ability to walk through town. As projects in the plan are completed, the city's sidewalk network will incrementally become more complete. In addition to the projects listed in this plan, new development will contribute sidewalks to the network as required by current codes.

The Pedestrian Mobility Plan was last updated in June 2012.

Pedestrian Mobility Plan

Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan
The Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan outlines the City's plans to obtain additional parkland, manage park improvement projects and maintain the existing parkland properties and facilities.

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