Criminal Trespassing
Affidavit Program

The Criminal Trespass Affidavit Program allows property owners or those responsible for the property and the Hutto Police Department to work together to reduce criminal activity on private property. The Hutto Police Department is authorized by the owners / managers to remove or arrest persons found on the property when they are not authorized to be there. An individual arrested for trespassing will be charged with a violation of the Texas Penal Code Sec. 30.05, Criminal Trespass. The property owner / manager will be the person formally filing the criminal complaint against the violator(s).

To initiate the program, you, as the property owner or property owner’s agent, must complete this application:

Criminal Trespass Warning Packet

Return the signed forms to:    Hutto Police Department
                                                                401 W. Front Street
                                                                 Hutto, TX 78634

Post appropriate “No Trespassing” or “No Trespassing between Designated Times”, signs in prominent locations around your property. Wording Samples are found in the packet above.

By participating in this program, Hutto Police Officers will check your property during the normal course of patrolling or while answering a call for police service at the location. Please understand that this does not mean that an officer will be available to check your property on a regular basis. Rather, officers will check the property as time and resources allow.

At least once a year or as personnel changes occur, you will be required to provide the Hutto Police Department with an updated Authorization List and contact information. You will be responsible for immediately notifying the Hutto Police Department any time the list, ownership or management changes. If you determine a Criminal Trespass Warning was given in error, you must contact the person below immediately:

Officer Suzanne GLass
401 W. Front Street
Hutto, TX 78634
Business Phone (512)759-5984
Non-Emergency Dispatch (512)759-5978
Fax (512)846-2753

The Hutto Police Department is not responsible for civil litigation that results out of this agreement based on incorrect or incomplete information provided by you or as a result of an arrest. The Hutto Police Department will not make any decisions regarding the use or disposition of your property.