Divisions of Hutto Police Department
The City of Hutto Police Department is comprised of three basic divisions which operate as a single cohesive unit:

Administrative Division
The administrative division is comprised of the Senior Management and the civilian support staff. This division is responsible for managing all activities of the Police Department.

Chief of Police Paul A. HallPaul Hall
 Chief of Police Paul A. Hall began his law enforcement career as a military policeman in 1986, exiting the service as a sergeant after eight years of honorable service. After leaving the military, Hall served in the Corrections Department of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, screening vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and out of his assigned facility and ensuring the physical safety and security of staff members and inmates.

Hall then transferred to Rockdale, Texas, serving the citizens as a patrol officer. A true member of the community, he not only contributed to the safety of residents, but in an effort to maintain the strong partnership between the Rockdale Police Department and the community, he assisted the residents of Rockdale with non-law enforcement related problems.

In 1998, Hall joined the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, working as a deputy, answering calls for service from citizens and enforcing applicable laws, before becoming a detective. As a detective, Hall served as the Sheriff’s Office representative on the Austin Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force, conducted criminal investigations in relation to suspected criminal offenses and criminal offenses relating to domestic and international acts of terrorism.

In 2006, Hall returned to uniformed service as a member of the Texas Army National Guard, working as a special agent in the Criminal Investigations Division.

Hall’s most recent law enforcement duties, performed for the Texas Office of the Attorney General, Austin, Texas, have included direct management of investigators within the Criminal Investigation Division assigned to the Houston Office. During his time at the Texas Attorney General's Office Hall also supervised the Texas Attorney General’s Protective Detail, Human Trafficking Unit, the Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigators, the Public Integrity Unit, the Money Laundering Unit, and the Election Violations Section.

Hall most recently served as the Assistant Chief of Police in Hutto from April 2017 until his promotion in April of 2019.
Assistant Chief of Police Cody Cazalas
Cody CazalasAssistant Chief Cazalas began his career in Law Enforcement with the City of Galveston as an Evening Watch Patrol Officer in 1988. In 1990, he served as a Field Training Officer on Evening Watch Patrol Division.

In 1996, Cazalas was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and transferred to the Night Watch Patrol Division, where he also served as a Field Training Supervisor. In 1999, Cazalas was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division. He first served as a Supervisor in the Warrant Division and later as an Investigator with The Major Crimes Division. During his nearly 23-years with The Galveston Police Department, Cazalas also served the citizens of Galveston as an investigator with The Internal Affairs Division, The Mounted Patrol, The Tactical Response Team, Intoxilyzer Operator and the Crisis/ Negotiation Team before retiring on October 1, 2010.

On October 4, 2010, Cazalas went to work for The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, where he was assigned to The Clear Creek Independent School District as a Liaison Deputy. In 2013, Cazalas was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division and assigned as an Investigator with The Galveston County Auto Crimes Task Force. Cazalas resigned in May 2017 to accept his position with The Hutto Police Department.    

Cazalas holds a Master’s Certificate with the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement with nearly 4000-hours of specialized investigative training.

Cazalas has also been active in his community. For twenty years, Cazalas has worked security at the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo, the last nine as the Security Supervisor, he supervised approximately sixty officers over the annual ten-day event. Cazalas also is active in numerous civic club and the Rotary Club where he speaks on high-profile investigations during his career.

Cazalas most recently served as the Lieutenant for the Criminal Investigations Division until his promotion to Assistant Chief in April of 2019.

Sr. Management Assistant Edna Vela, CPM

Support Services Division
The Support Services Division consists of all other units in the Hutto Police Department that are not assigned to Patrol or Administrative.  This division handles a wide variety of operations including fleet maintenance, equipment supply, hiring, background investigations, property and evidence tracking, department training, community relations programs and much more.

Division Commander - Lt. Dwain Jones
LT JonesLieutenant Dwain Jones is a lifetime Austin area resident. Lieutenant Jones graduated from the Capitol Area Regional Police Academy in Austin, Texas in January 1994. After his academy graduation, he went to work for a small police department in Travis County. After working there for three years he joined the Williamson County Precinct 4 Constables office in Taylor, Texas where he served eastern Williamson County for three years. In November 1999 he joined the Hutto Police Department as a patrol officer; in March 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant. In December 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Jones has held the rank of interim police chief four times since 2004. Today Lieutenant Jones serves as the Support Services division commander. Lieutenant Jones holds a Master Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education and an instructor’s certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Education earned in 2005. 


The goals of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are to investigate criminal offenses, prepare cases for prosecution and reduce crime.  Criminal offenses that require follow-ups are assigned to detectives. A substantial amount of these cases are cleared by means such as arrest and filing with the District and County Attorneys. Detectives work a variety of crimes from misdemeanors to capital felonies. The criteria and solvability factors that determine whether a case may be assigned for follow-up investigation include, but are not limited to, the nature of the crime, suspect information, property identification, witness information and the presence of physical evidence.

Professional Standards
The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for many tasks related to maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the police department. These task include internal affairs investigations, background investigation for police applicants, maintaining officer training records, updating and distributing department policies, and Texas Best Practices compliance.

Community Resource Unit   
The Community Resource Unit provides a direct link between the department and the community though a number of programs and activities. This unit is responsible for planning and coordinating the Hutto Citizen Police Academy, as well as the Advanced CPA for the general public.  This unit also coordinates the Police Explorer Program, National Night Out, attends HOA meeting, assists with neighborhood watch programs and other community events.

Crime Scene Unit   
The Crime Scene Unit responds to major crime scenes to collect evidence and photograph / document the scene. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the chain of custody for all evidence, property and digital evidence stored at the police department. The crime scene unit also routes evidence to the appropriate laboratories for analysis.

Animal Control
Hutto Animal Control works hard to reunite lost pets with owners. When a pet is found, it’s scanned for a microchip. If microchipped the owners are contacted immediately (Always keep owner information current). If a found animal is not microchipped, our team reaches out to several Hutto area pet forums via social media to post pictures and contact information within minutes of pick-up.

Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement Division is now part of the Hutto Police Department. As part of the public safety team, Code Enforcement works to uphold the laws established by the City of Hutto and the State of Texas to maintain the health, safety and sanitation of our community. Strong, consistent code enforcement ensures safe, desirable living and working environments, helps maintain property values, and works toward the goal of preserving neighborhood integrity and enhancement of community values.

Law Enforcement Assistant
Dana Lively -

The Patrol Division is referred to as the backbone or the heart beat of the Police Department. Patrol officers are charged with preventing criminal activity, responding to calls for assistance, apprehending criminals, enforcing traffic laws, investigating accidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hutto Patrol Officers normally work 12-hour shifts.  Among the standard patrol car equipment, all patrol vehicles are equipped with on-board computers and video cameras. The Patrol Division is made up of four shifts, each with its own Sergeant supervisor.

1st Platoon Commander - Lt. Nathan Spraggins

LT Spraggins - Copy

Lt. Spraggins has been a sworn Texas Peace Officer since October, 2003 and holds an Advanced Peace Officer License. Lt. Spraggins served in the Patrol Division from 2003 until 2010. In the Patrol Division he was a Field Training Officer, Intoxilyzer Operator, and an instructor in various law enforcement subjects. In 2006 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and supervised a patrol shift. In 2010 he was transferred to the Support Services Division where he supervised the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU). In addition to his investigative and supervisory duties Spraggins served as a firearms instructor, TASER Instructor, and department armorer. Lt. Spraggins was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in October of 2013. He is now the Patrol Division Commander and serves as the department range master.

2nd Platoon Commander - Lt. James Bomer

James BomerLt. Bomer served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman from 1994 until 1998. 
Lt. Bomer began his Law Enforcement career in 1999 with the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office. He has also served with the Milam County Sheriff’s Office, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Taylor Police Department.
He has served with the Hutto Police Department since November of 2007.
During his time with the Hutto Police Department he has served as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, SFST Instructor, Department Armorer, Crash Reconstructionist, Recruiter, Career Development Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, and Special Operations Sergeant.