Divisions of Hutto Police Department
The City of Hutto Police Department is comprised of four basic divisions which operate as a single cohesive unit:

Administrative Division
The administrative division is comprised of the Senior Management and the civilian support staff. This division is responsible for managing all activities of the Police Department.

Criminal Investigations Division
The criminal investigations division is responsible investigating criminal cases, sex offender registration and tracking, responding to major crime scenes, criminal interviews, and staffing cases with the prosecutors. 

Support Services Division
The support services division is responsible for all tasks not related to patrol or investigations. Such tasks would include evidence collection from major crime scenes, securing and tracking all stored evidence and property, professional standards / training, and community resource / outreach programs. 

Patrol Services Division

Patrol services is the fourth division of the Hutto Police Department. The division is responsible for the 24-hours-a-day tasks of:
  • Preventing criminal activity
  • Responding to calls for assistance
  • Conducting preliminary criminal investigations
  • Apprehending criminals
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Investigating accidents