11698617_866016046807298_2773519571376449189_nPatrol Division
The Patrol Division is referred to as the backbone or the heart beat of the Police Department. Patrol officers are charged with preventing criminal activity, responding to calls for assistance, apprehending criminals, enforcing traffic laws, investigating accidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hutto Patrol Officers normally work 12-hour shifts.  Among the standard patrol car equipment, all patrol vehicles are equipped with on-board computers and video cameras. The Patrol Division is made up of four shifts, each with its own Sergeant supervisor.

Division Commander - Lt. James Bomer

James BomerLt. Bomer served in the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman from 1994 until 1998. 
Lt. Bomer began his Law Enforcement career in 1999 with the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office. He has also served with the Milam County Sheriff’s Office, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the Taylor Police Department.
He has served with the Hutto Police Department since November of 2007.
During his time with the Hutto Police Department he has served as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, SFST Instructor, Department Armorer, Crash Reconstructionist, Recruiter, Career Development Sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, and Special Operations Sergeant.

Patrol Staff
Sgt Clements - mary.clements@huttotx.gov
Sgt Davis - shannon.davis@huttotx.gov
Sgt Quilimaco - jeremy.quilimaco@huttotx.gov
Sgt Valles - abel.valles@huttotx.gov
Ofc Bowser - demetrius.bowser@huttotx.gov
Ofc Cantu - robert.cantu@huttotx.gov
Ofc Carpenter - christopher.carpenter@huttotx.gov
Ofc Dalton - mckenzie.dalton@huttotx.gov
Ofc Dutton - derrick.dutton@huttotx.gov
Ofc Gonzales - michael.gonzales@huttotx.gov
Ofc Halstrom - sarah.halstrom@huttotx.gov
Ofc Inlow - zachary.inlow@huttotx.gov
Ofc Johnson - keegan.johnson@huttotx.gov
Ofc Long - cody.long@huttotx.gov
Ofc Martinez - tomas.martinez@huttotx.gov
Ofc Mattingly - scott.mattingly@huttotx.gov
Ofc Maya - mauricio.maya@huttotx.gov
Ofc Reid - brandy.reid@huttotx.gov
Ofc Mora - edward.mora@huttotx.gov
Ofc Rivera - juan.rivera@huttotx.gov
Ofc Robertson - anthony.robertson@huttotx.gov
Ofc Rogers - chad.rogers@huttotx.gov
Ofc Stevens - davin.stevens@huttotx.gov
Ofc Stigent - colt.stigent@huttotx.gov
Ofc Vargas - john.vargas@huttotx.gov
Ofc Wheeler - randy.wheeler@huttotx.gov
Ofc Woolverton - jeffrey.woolverton@huttotx.gov