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The Hutto Police Department selects only high-quality individuals to become Hutto Police Officers. By being selective, we continue to build a high-quality department for the citizens of Hutto. Hutto is among the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas. That means our police department is growing rapidly, as well, which offers excellent career opportunities for new officers.  For more information contact our recruiting unit at

Grow your career in one of the fastest growing cities in Texas 

  • Rapid Career Advancement 
  • Top-of-the-line Equipment & Technology
  • City matching 2 to 1 retirement plan
  • Take home patrol car
  • Paid Life Time membership to the 100 Club of Central Texas
  • Issued uniforms and duty gear
City Overview
The City of Hutto, located in Williamson County, is a family-oriented and quickly growing community in the north east portion of the Austin Metro area.  It is located at the intersection of the SH 130 and US 79 which provides convenient access to the Austin area via the toll road system.  The city is bordered by Round Rock to the west, Taylor to the east, Pflugerville to the south and Georgetown to the north.  The current population estimate is 23,900 people.  The population of Hutto in the year 2000 was 1,677.  There are no signs that this explosive growth will come to an end any time soon.  The city is poised to accommodate growth, in a responsible manner, for the foreseeable future.

Department Overview
The Hutto Police Department is a professional organization of 41 sworn officers who are committed to community policing with a focus on keeping our residents safe.  The core values of the department are Honor, Duty, Respect and Service.
Hutto is a great area to raise a family
Hutto currently has 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school, and is home to the Eastern Williamson County Higher Education Center (EWCHEC) that offers classes from Temple College and Texas State Technical College. There are also additional higher education opportunities just minutes from the City of Hutto to include South Western University (Georgetown), Texas A&M Health Science Center (Round Rock), Austin Community College (Round Rock), and Texas State University (Round Rock).

There are 5 hospitals just minutes from Hutto to include St. David's Georgetown Hospital, St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, Scott & White Hospital Round Rock, Scott & White Hospital Taylor, and Seton Medical Center Williamson in Round Rock. 

Hutto offers a small town feel with big city resources. There are several community events throughout the year that allow us to maintain that tight community bond such as Hutto Old Tyme Days, Movies in the Park, Treats on East Street, Hutto Farmer's Market, and Hutto Old Town Christmas just to name a few. The City of Hutto also has 5 city parks and a hike and trail with an active Parks and Recreation Department that hosts various activities throughout the year. Hutto is the perfect location for people of many different interest. Sitting just minutes from Austin's downtown nightlife, or minutes from the two lakes located here in Williamson County that offer boating, swimming, camping, hiking and biking. Hutto has something to offer everyone. 
Current Job Openings
4 Patrol Officer positions (3/11/21)

Current Pay & Benefits
Pay scale by grade (Police Officer)
Pay scale 10-1-20

The Hutto Police Department offers 1 year on the step plan for every 2 years of prior experience up to a maximum of step 4 on the HPD pay plan. For example an officer with four years experience would start at pay step 2, and an officer with 8 or more years of prior experience would start at step 4.

Sign on Bonus
The City of Hutto offers a sign-on incentive in the amount of $2,500 net to Police Officers.  The incentive will be paid with the first payroll following date of hire.  Two years of employment with the Hutto Police Department is required.  If, for any reason, two years of employment is not completed, the entire incentive must be re-paid to the City of Hutto within fourteen days following notice of resignation. (This does not apply to unlicensed Cadets)

Cadet & Probationary Officer Pay
Cadets and Officers without prior experience that are hired by the Hutto Police Department will receive Probationary Officer Pay for the  first year with the department.

Take Home Vehicle
After successfully completing the Field Training Officer program, an Officer is assigned a fully equipped police vehicle. All officers living within 25 miles of Hutto, Texas are authorized to take their police vehicle to their place of residence. (Subject to budget considerations and chief approval)  
Regulation service weapon, duty gear and all other necessary equipment included. Uniforms and dry cleaning services are provided by the department.  Officers assigned to Criminal Investigations Unit receive a clothing allowance of $600.00 annually.
Police Officer Certification Pay
Police officers will receive TCOLE certification pay at the following rates: 
 • Intermediate Peace Officer Certification: $50 per month. ($600.00 annually)
• Advanced Peace Officer Certification: $100 per month. ($1,200.00 annually)
• Master Peace Officer Certification: $150 per month. ($1,800.00 annually)
Police Officer Education Pay
Police officers will receive education pay at the following rates:   
• Associate’s Degree:  $75 per month ($900.00 annually)
• Bachelor’s Degree:  $125 per month ($1,500.00 annually)
• Master’s Degree:  $175 per month ($2,100.00 annually)
Specialty Pay
Police Officers are eligible to receive the following additional incentive pay:
 *Must be accepted into each program to receive the specialty pay.   
 • *Accident Reconstruction: $50 per month ($600.00 annually) 
• *EMT / Paramedic: $50 per month ($600.00 annually) 
• *Firearms Instructor: $50 per month ($600.00 Annually)
• *Back Up Crime Scene Officer: $50 per month ($600.00 Annually)
• *Cooper Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Specialist Instructor: $50 per month. ($600.00 annually).
• *Field Training Officer: $130 per pay period/bi-weekly.  
•  Bilingual: Must pass an oral examination.  $50 per month ($600 annually) for Level 1 and $75 per month ($900 annually) for Level 2.
 Benefits Provided by the City
City of Hutto provides medical insurance coverage for all full-time employees and their dependents.  The coverage is provided by UnitedHealthcare– National Choice Network. 
There are two medical plan options:
• High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA)
Hutto Police Department Benefits 2018/2019 
             o The City of Hutto Contributes $150 per month towards the HSA.
             o Employee only coverage is paid 100% by the City of Hutto.
• Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
             o The City of Hutto pays a portion of the premium for coverage under this plan.

• Single option for dental insurance through MetLife:
             o $2,000 calendar year benefit
• Long Term Disability: 60% of income paid monthly 
• $50,000 Life Insurance policy
• $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy
• Employee Assistance Program
Voluntary Benefits Offered by the City
• UNUM Vision plan
• Additional life insurance for: 
                o Employee
                o Spouse 
                o Children
• Short Term Disability: 60% of income paid weekly 
• UNUM Critical Illness Insurance
• UNUM Accident Protection
• ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection
• MetLaw Legal Service
Retirement Plan
The City participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS).  Participation is mandatory for employees working 1,000 or more hours per year.  7% of your gross pay will be deducted each paycheck and deposited into your member/retirement account. The City will match your contribution 2:1* and vesting is at the completion of 5 years of service. You will be eligible for retirement benefits at any age after 20 years of service or at age 60 with 5 years of service. To receive the City’s contribution, you must be eligible for retirement. 
The City also offers a voluntary 457 ( Deferred Compensation) retirement plan which allows you to invest in your retirement and is a great way to supplement your TMRS retirement benefits.  Taxes on your contributions are deferred until your assets are withdrawn.  Employees may make tax deferred contributions to a 457 account, based on the following contribution limits:
Under 50 years of age:  $18,500 per year  Over 50 years of age:  $24,500 per year
 Education Program Reimbursement
It is a policy of the City to encourage employee development through formal education in order for an employee to maintain and improve job-related skills or prepare for advancement within the City.  Therefore, the City shall reimburse the cost of tuition, mandatory fees and required books for courses which an employee takes through a school or institution that is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) or other nationally recognized board of accreditation, and as provided in this policy.  
Hutto Police Department Benefits 2018/2019 
• This policy applies to regular, full-time employee with at least twelve consecutive months of service with the City. • The maximum benefit for reimbursement per applicant shall be equal to the cost of tuition, mandatory fees and required books not to exceed $2,500 per fiscal year (10/1-9/30).  •  Upon completion of a course in which an employee receives reimbursement, an employee must provide at a minimum, one year of service to the City.  If an employee discontinues employment for any reason prior to providing one year of service, the employee is required to reimburse the City for those funds.
 100 Club of Central Texas
Upon completion of Phase II of the Field Training Program, a paid Life Time Membership to the 100 Club of Central Texas will be provided.  This membership includes the Benefits for First Responders.
 The City observes twelve paid holidays per year.  Police officers have the ability to be paid or bank their holiday pay. 
Sick Leave
Full-time employees accrue sick time at a rate of 96 hours per year (3.69 hours per pay period) and are permitted to accrue a maximum of 1,040 hours
Vacation Leave
Full-time employees accrue vacation leave at the following rates:
• < 5 year employees: 10 days or 80 hours.
• > 5 year employees: 15 days or 120 hours.
• > 10 year employees: 17 days or 136 hours.
• > 15 year employees: 20 days or 160 hours.
Maximum accrual rates for vacation leave at the end of the calendar year are:
< 5 year employees: 20 days or 160 hours.
• > 5 year employees: 25 days or 200 hours.
• > 10 year employees: 30 days or 240 hours.
Longevity Pay
The City provides regular full-time employees longevity pay.  Longevity pay begins after a regular, full time employee has completed one year of service.  Longevity will be computed by multiplying the number of months of service completed on December 31st of each year, times the monthly longevity rate accrued.  The monthly longevity rate is determined by the schedule below:

Years of Service / Rate per Month
0-4 $5
5-9 $7
10+ $9

In order for an applicant to be considered for appointment for full time paid or non-paid with the Hutto Police Department, it is necessary that you meet the minimum qualifications set forth below.  If you do not meet all qualifications, your application will be rejected. If the candidate is currently attending a Texas Peace Officer Academy, he/she may apply for open positions as long as the other requirements are met. 

Age Requirements
•    At least 21 years of age to be appointed.

Education Requirements
• Basic requirements as prescribed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. 
• Must be a citizen of the United States. 
• Must be a permanent resident in the State of Texas prior to becoming appointed as an officer. 

Physical Condition
• Must be able to perform the duties as described in the job description, which can be obtained from the police department. 

• Possess a valid Texas Driver’s License at the time of appointment. 
• Must be currently licensed with TCLEOSE as a Peace Officer, Reserve Officer (if applying for Reserve), or be eligible for such license prior to being appointed. 

Background Investigation
A thorough background investigation is conducted in all aspects of your Personal History Statement. You must be able to establish evidence of good moral character and a well-adjusted personality.  There cannot be any traits displayed which do not meet the usual standards of acceptable conduct.  Evidence of conduct which could bring reproach upon the reputation of this department is grounds for rejection or termination if appointed and later found.

Past Employment
Past employment history, number of jobs, reasons for leaving, and employment references will be considered. Unfavorable records may be grounds for rejection. All cases will be considered and evaluated on an individual basis.

Criminal History
Past criminal history will be evaluated. Some specific disqualifiers related to an applicant’s criminal history are listed in the applicant disqualifiers section of the application packet.

Download the application
Police Officer Application Packet