Support Services Division

The Support Services Division consists of all other units in the Hutto Police Department that are not assigned to Patrol or Criminal Investigations.  This division handles a wide variety of operations including fleet maintenance, equipment supply, hiring, background investigations, property and evidence tracking, department training, community relations programs and much more.

Division Commander
LT JonesLieutenant Dwain Jones is a lifetime Austin area resident. Lieutenant Jones graduated from the Capitol Area Regional Police Academy in Austin, Texas in January 1994. After his academy graduation, he went to work for a small police department in Travis County. After working there for three years he joined the Williamson County Precinct 4 Constables office in Taylor, Texas where he served eastern Williamson County for three years. In November 1999 he joined the Hutto Police Department as a patrol officer; in March 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant. In December 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Jones has held the rank of interim police chief four times since 2004. Today Lieutenant Jones serves as the Support Services division commander. 

Lieutenant Jones holds a Master Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education and an instructor’s certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Education earned in 2005. 

Professional Standards Unit   
Sergeant Joshua Bellenir- 512-759-4922        
The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for many tasks related to maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the police department. These task include internal affairs investigations, background investigation for police applicants, maintaining officer training records, updating and distributing department policies, and Texas Best Practices compliance.

Community Resource Unit   
Officer Suzanne Glass - 512-759-5984
The Community Resource Unit provides a direct link between the department and the community though a number of programs and activities. This unit is responsible for planning and coordinating the Hutto Citizen Police Academy, as well as the Advanced CPA for the general public.  This unit also coordinates the Police Explorer Program, National Night Out, attends HOA meeting, assists with neighborhood watch programs and other community events.

Crime Scene Unit   
Crime Scene Officer Jamie Alcocer - 512-759-5986
The Crime Scene Unit responds to major crime scenes to collect evidence and photograph / document the scene. This unit is also responsible for maintaining the chain of custody for all evidence, property and digital evidence stored at the police department. The crime scene unit also routes evidence to the appropriate laboratories for analysis.

Animal Control
Wayne Cunningham
- 512-845-5415


Ronee Huerta - ronee.huerta@huttotx.gov512-759-5994

Law Enforcement Assistant
Dana Lively - 512-759-5978