Traffic Control
Traffic complaints are one of the most common calls received by the Hutto Police Department.  With increased growth, more of these calls can be expected.  The Hutto Police Department patrol division is charged with enforcing traffic law and city ordinances related to traffic.  

Sometimes a traffic complaint does not always consist of a speeding violation.  US Highway 79 is well-known for problems and is routinely patrolled.  School zones are also a priority for extra patrols.  If your concern is a single vehicle, report it to non-emergency dispatch, (512) 759-5978 or 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency.

Please report areas of concern by noting:

    •   Street and cross streets
    •   Time of day
    •   Specific problems such as speeding, running stop signs, etc...
    •   Whether it is a chronic or occasional problem
    •   Your name and contact number if you wish to be contacted by an officer.

To make a complaint about a specific traffic problem that may or may not involve speed, notify the Police Department at (512) 759-5978, or by completing the Traffic Complaint Form.