Engineering Team

City Engineer

Samuel Ray PE
The City Engineer provides technical expertise for the construction and maintenance of city infrastructure including streets, drainage, water and wastewater facilities. This is accomplished by working with outside agencies, developers, and contractors to ensure projects are designed and constructed according to sound engineering principles and practices. The Construction Manager, Construction Inspector, and Engineering Associate assist the City Engineer in meeting these goals.

director of Public works & CONSTRUCTION inspection

The Director of Public Works & Construction Inspection is responsible for overseeing all construction activities within the City's purview. These responsibilities include working closely with engineers, consultants, contractors, developers and inspectors during all phases of construction on private development and capital improvement projects. The Construction Manager is committed to ensuring quality construction of streets, drainage, water, and wastewater infrastructure within the City of Hutto's jurisdiction.

Todd Meaker
Slade Harris
The Construction Inspector is responsible for the inspection of all civil construction within the City's rights of way and easements. The Inspector also protects the health, safety and welfare of the general public by ensuring construction conforms to city codes and specifications. 

Senior ASSOCIATE ENGINEER / associate engineer
Rushi BegumThe Associate Engineers supports the City Engineer and provides general technical assistance to the public and City organization regarding municipal infrastructure and associated issues. The Associate Engineers also review subdivision and site development plans, bid packages, drainage/floodplain data and traffic-related studies to ensure adherence to City Codes and regulations. 

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