• WW-01: Typical Residential Street Layout
  • WW-01A: Residential Section with Typical Utility Assignments
  • WW-02: Standard Manhole - Plan
  • WW-03: Standard Manhole - Section
  • WW-04: Drop Connection - Precast Manhole Type "A"
  • WW-05: Drop Connection - Precast Manhole Type "B"
  • WW-06: Flow Patterns for Invert Channels
  • WW-07: Standard Wastewater Manhole Set
  • WW-07A: Bolted Wastewater Manhole Set
  • WW-08: Precast 48" Concentric Concrete Cone Section Detail
  • WW-09: 48" Manhole Flat Lid
  • WW-10: Flexible "Seal Boot" Connector
  • WW-12: Sewer Clean-out Detail
  • WW-13: Sewer Service Connections
  • WW-13A: Gasketed Sewer Fitting for Sewer Service Connection to Existing Mains
  • WW-14: Standard Air Release Valve for Force Mains (Part 1)
  • WW-15: Standard Air Release Valve for Force Mains (Part 2)
  • WW-16: Trench and Embedment Detail (Under Non-Paved Areas)
  • WW-17: Trench and Embedment and Pavement Replacement Detail (Under Existing Roadway)
  • WW-18: Manhole Vent for Below Ground Installation
  • WW-19: Trench and Embedment Detail (Under Proposed Roadway)
  • WW-20: Concrete Apron Around Manhole Ring and Cover

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