How to Report a Water Leak
Please do not call the Police or Fire Departments to report water issues, it will only cause delays.

If you experience a water leak, please call (512) 759-4016. After hours, please call (512) 759-4016 x 4060. When leaving a message, please include your name, address, and a reliable call-back number. To ensure a timely response, speak slowly and clearly.

Water Softeners
For questions on water softener settings, please contact your equipment service provider.

If You Have Discolored Water
Water Color  Possible Cause / Solution
Brown Water line construction in the area, hydrant flushing, or manganese in the water supply / Call (512) 759-4016 to flush the hydrants
Milky / cloudy Air bubbles from the pipes or a temperature change
Yellow                         Manganese or resin from water softener
Black particles Degraded rubber gaskets, o-rings, or meter washers / Check faucet head and replace o-ring

How Much Water are You Using?
  • One drop per second leak - 2,400 gallons per year
  • Bathtub - 30 gallons per filling
  • Shower - 2 gallons per minute
  • Commode - 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Sprinkler - 2 gallons per minute