Charity Assistance
The City of Hutto is pleased to announce the addition of a Utility Assistance Fund payment option that will be available to utility customers beginning July 1, 2013. Hutto City Council approved the creation of a Utility Assistance Fund to provide an opportunity for Hutto residents to make donations to support programs and services within the community. Some of the citizen and program needs that have been identified for inclusion are City of Hutto water and/or wastewater delinquent utility accounts,

Hutto Food Pantry, Orange Santa, and the Williamson County Animal Shelter. The City will disperse funds collected to designated charitable entities for management and distribution on a monthly basis. Donated funds will be collected through Utility Billing payments in an amount determined by each customer at the time of contribution. Customers will also have the option to schedule regular monthly donations in a predetermined amount. Participation in the Charitable Assistance Fund is completely voluntary and customers may opt to alter or discontinue their donations at any time.

For additional information about the Charitable Assistance Fund, please contact the Hutto Resource Center at (512) 688-0162 or by email at

To make a donation please complete the Charitable Assistance Fund Form.
The City of Hutto is helping to support Charitable Assistance Fund Program. 
Hutto has has a passion to serve our community by joined efforts and combined resources to support Hutto Community Programs, such as Utility Assistance Fund, Food Pantry, Orange Santa, and other Hutto Community Programs. Voluntary contributions from customers like you can help fund this program. Even a small contribution can mean so much. 
Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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