Termination of Services
In order to discontinue water, sewer and/or garbage services you are required to complete the Request for Disconnection Form .  Return completed form by email utility.billing@huttotx.gov   by fax (512) 846-2653 or come in to the office during business hours. 

Disconnection Guidelines

  • Utilities services can only be disconnected on business days and only by the account holder.
  • In order to discontinue the garbage service, the trash and recycling containers need to be available for pick-up on the date you request service to be disconnected.
  • If the trash/recycling containers are full, please set by curbside. If the trash/recycling containers are empty, please set in front of home or in front of garage.
  • Please be advised if your water service is with Manville W.S.C. or Jonah S.U.D., sewer and garbage service/fees can only be discontinued once verification of disconnection of water service has been verified with the water supply company.

City of Hutto Utility Billing
500 W. Live Oak St. Hutto TX. 78634
PH: 512-759-4055 FAX 512-846-2653