Diversity and Inclusion Commission
At the July 30, 2020 special - called City Council meeting, it was resolved to establish a Diversity and Inclusion Commission. The ordinance may be found here. It will be updated with the signed version as soon possible.

The City of Hutto acknowledges that the history of discrimination in the United States of America continues to affect the privilege and/or lack of opportunity for people in the City; and the City of Hutto acknowledges that equity occurs when differences such as race,ethnicity, religion, gender, economic status, sexual orientation/gender identification, veteran status, marital status, language, age, disability, etc. do not determine a person’s economic, social, or political access.

The City of Hutto is committed to recognizing and undoing discrimination of anytype; and WHEREAS,providing opportunities for the City and residents to engage, participate and support their community through unified and collaborative activities, programs, and collective citizen engagement, culturally diverse programs, business services, trades and entertainment is valued; and, as all members of the Hutto community offer distinct perspectives, e.g., life experiences, cultural backgrounds, ideas, and interpretations, that foster creativity, innovation, and economic growth, the City of Hutto will benefit from the identification of potential inequities in City services, programs, human resource practices, and decision-making processes; and from encouraging and empowering multicultural appreciation on the City, the City of Hutto will benefit from establishing a Commission of diverse residents to address inequities that impact quality of life for identifiable communities in the City, e.g., race, ethnicity, religion, gender, economic status, sexual orientation/gender identification.

As part of the mission of the commission, all Commission members shall be appointed by the City Council and shall serve without compensation.
The Commission shall be composed of seven members to serve three-year terms.
Each candidate for appointment as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Commission shall be at least eighteen (18) years old and shall have resided within the corporate city limits, or within territory annexed prior to the appointment, for at least twelve months preceding the appointment.

Contact Information:
Send application to:
City Secretary
500 W. Live Oak St.
Hutto, TX  78634
Phone: (512) 759-4839
Fax: (512) 846-2653

Staff Liaison
Kristi Robich
500 W. Live Oak St.
Hutto, TX 78634
Phone: (512)759 -5964
Fax: (512) 759-5962

Council Liaison:     Patti Martinez    

The Diversity and Inclusion Commission shall, to the extent possible, be broadly representative of economic status, race, color, religion, gender,national origin, ancestry, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

12/02/20 Diversity and Inclusion Commission Meeting Agenda       Packet      
11/17/20 Diversity and Inclusion Commission Meeting Agenda      
Agenda       Packet