Historic Preservation Commission
If possible, members shall have demonstrated outstanding interest in historical traditions of the City and have experience in preservation of the historical character of Hutto. At least one member should be an owner of real property within the Historic District.

Hutto Preservation Commission Mission Statement
Our mission is to preserve our past and work with ongoing development in the community to support incentives for revitalization, protect our historic properties and structures, and provide education to today’s youth who stand to inherit the future of Hutto.
  • Fourth Tuesday of every month
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Council Chambers, City Hall at 500 W. Live Oak St.
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of five members appointed by City Council who serve staggered two-year terms.
Members  Term Expiration 
DeAnne Worley   June 30, 2022
Mary Belton  June 30, 2021 
Curtis Orton June 30, 2022
Robert Lykins June 30, 2022
Travis Allen June 30, 2022

Contact Information

Send Application to:
City Secretary
500 W. Live Oak St.
Hutto, TX 78634
Ph: (512) 759-4839
FAX: (512) 846-2653 

Staff Liaison
Ashby Grundman
500 W. Live Oak Street
Hutto, TX 78634
Ph: (512) 759-5974
Council Liaison:   Tanner Rose     

Do I need a Certificate of Appropriateness?

All new visible construction within Old Town requires a COA from the Historic Preservation Commission. New construction is subject to the architectural guidelines in the Old Town Master Plan and the standards of the SmartCode. Fences are considered new construction and therefore require a COA, with the exception of certain fence types in the OT-3 district. (See Map) Exterior changes to contributing structures, including new doors, window shutters, awnings, and railings, also require HPC approval.

Paint colors should be chosen from the approved list of historically appropriate paint colors. This list is provided by Benjamin Moore, but other brands may be used provided they match the approved list.

Maps of Old Town transects and  contributing structures can be found here.
COA applications and approved fence types in OT-3 can be found here.

Changes that do not require HPC approval include:
  • Exterior changes to non-contributing structures
  • Small, minor building or construction not visible to the public eye
  • Fences meeting pre-approved material and height specifications on properties within the OT-3 district
  • Temporary construction trailers for the use of on-site material storage during construction
  • Changes in paint color. Paint colors should be chosen from the approved list of historically appropriate paint colors. This list is provided by Benjamin Moore, but other brands may be used provided they match the approved list.
  • Ordinary maintenance and repair that does not involve changes in dimension, material, configuration, or outward appearance
  • Work that is required for a property to come into compliance with federal and state laws pertaining to persons with disabilities

For more information on Old Town Hutto, click here


Texas Historical Commission:

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is the state agency for historic preservation. THC staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas' architectural, archeological and cultural landmarks. The agency is recognized nationally for its preservation programs. For more information on the THC, please click the link below.

Williamson County Historical Commission:

The Williamson County Historical Commission's purpose is to preserve, protect, and promote history within Williamson County. For more information please click the following link below.