City of Hutto Executive Team

Byron Frankland 
Assistant City ManagerByron Frankland

Byron Frankland assists the City Manager with overall governance by providing strategic guidance and leadership for the public safety, regulatory compliance and public works functions of the City. Byron serves as public safety director and oversees the infrastructure, development services and police departments. He joined the City of Hutto in 2017 as Chief of Police. Prior to that he served as Assistant Police Chief in Galveston, Texas where he gained more 25 years of management and policing experience. Byron has successfully lead emergency response efforts in major hurricane and storm events in which he’s managed emergency response teams, including public works and infrastructure teams.

 Misti Hancock
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Misti Hancock copyMisti serves as the interim Chief Financial Officer for the City of Hutto with more than 25 years of municipal and non-profit finance experience. She served as the budget director for the Texas Attorney General's Office, Director of Budget and Planning for the Texas Education Agency, and was the Director of Fiscal Affairs for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. Misti holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting and Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

Stacy Schmitt Stacy Schmitt copy
Assistant to the City Manager, Public Information Officer
Stacy Schmitt serves as Assistant to the City Manager and Public Information Officer. She provides direction and strategic oversight of the City’s public relations, marketing and communications teams. She also supervises the city secretary office, marketing, communications, public information, information technology, and library functions of the City as well as other City Manager initiatives. 

Paul Hall
Chief of PolicePaul Hall
Paul Hall serves as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the City and provides for the overall safety of the City. Paul has more than 25 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and previously served as the Assistant Police Chief for the City of Hutto, reporting to previous Chief Byron Frankland. Prior to joining the City of Hutto in 2017, Hall worked at the Texas Attorney General’s Office where he led the Human Trafficking Unit, Joint Terrorism Task Force Investigators, Public Integrity Unit, Money Laundering Unit, and Elections Violations section.

Strategic Plan & Execution Guide
The executive team executes the goals and objectives outlined in the City's Council approved Strategic Plan & Execution Guide, which comprise the City’s unwavering commitment to growing Hutto stronger by intentionally focusing on these five Strategic Focus Areas:
  • Well Balanced & Diversified Economy
  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Quality of Life
  • Infrastructure & Growth
We encourage you to engage with our leadership team through the Public Service Request and Citizen Action Center. You can also give your feedback to the City Council by attending our City Council meetings, and learn first-hand more about the policy-making-decisions.

Together, let’s make Hutto a great place to live, work, learn, and play!