Myth No. 1- Innovation Business Park
We’re going to bust this myth with some facts about Titan Development's Innovation Business Park. 
Fact #1- At one point the City did refer to Innovation Business Park as an industrial park. We were wrong to do so.  
Titan Development does plan and construct industrial parks, however, our zoning ordinances aren’t going to permit an industrial park to be built here. This will be a business park, and zoned Light Industrial, which determines what kinds of businesses will move in. 
Fact #2- Those zoning ordinances mentioned in Fact #1 are restrictive on what will and won't be allowed in zoned areas.
Innovation Business Park will be zoned Light Industrial. The industrial uses listed below are in the Unified Development Code (UDC) with definitions.  
Light industrial use:  manufacturer, predominantly from previously prepared materials, of finished products or parts, including processing, fabrication, assembly, treatment, packaging, incidental storage, sales or distribution.  Examples of light industrial uses include the manufacture of electronic instruments, preparation of food products, micro-brewing, musical instruments, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Light industrial uses do not include uses such as mining and extraction, petrochemical industries, rubber refining, motor vehicle and heavy equipment manufacturing, primary metal or related industries. Light industrial uses are permitted in the LI and I districts. 
Heavy industrial use:  use engaged in the basic processing and manufacturing of materials or products predominately from extracted or raw materials, or engaged in the storage of, or manufacturing processes using flammable or explosive materials, or storage or manufacturing processes that may involve hazardous conditions.  Heavy industry also includes work processes involving solvents, solid waste or sanitary waste transfer stations, recycling establishments, junkyards, and transport terminals (truck and rail terminals, container storage). Heavy industrial uses are prohibited in all zoning districts. 
There are a lot of other things that may be done in a light industrial setting, such as research labs, call centers, trade use, and warehousing.  
You can find more information about City of Hutto zoning here.
Fact #3- Due to the lay of the land, the Innovation Business Park will have a relatively deep setback. The longer distance and the required berm with landscaping will ensure minimal noise pollution. The city does also have a noise ordinance, and Hutto PD has noise meters available to make sure businesses are abiding by the law. 
Fact #4- We’re going to work with the developer and the architects to make sure we use smart lighting, like directional LEDs, to reduce light pollution. No one wants lights shining in their bedroom windows, and we're going to work hard to make sure the business park is as dark-friendly as possible. 
This myth is BUSTED, but we'll make sure to update residents on progress.