New Construction
Are you planning to build a structure in Old Town?
Please note that all new construction (buildings, accessory buildings, fences, other structures) visible from the public street requires a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to permits being issued. A Certificate of Appropriateness, or COA, is issued by the Historic Preservation Commission based on the proposed structure's compatibility with the historic district.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is also required for exterior modifications and additions to contributing structures. More information on work involving exterior alterations can be found here.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness?
All applications and fees can be found on the planning applications page. Please contact the planning division with any questions, or when you are ready to submit.

Meetings occur monthly, and complete applications are due no later than one week prior to the meeting.

Projects are subject to both the SmartCode and the Architectural Design Standards.

What if I make changes to the plans during construction, after the COA has been granted?
It is imperative that new construction matches approved plans precisely. Any desired changes or modifications to the approved plans require HPC re-review prior to the change being made. Any changes made without an amended COA are considered violations of City code. Structures that do not match the approved plans will not pass final inspections and therefore no Certificate of Occupancy shall be granted.

If unforeseen circumstances require that your approved plans be modified in any way, contact Planning staff immediately to be placed on an upcoming agenda. Do not proceed without an amended COA.