Smart Code
The SmartCode was adopted as a result of the Old Town Master Plan, which called for a form-based development code within the Historical Overlay District. Instead of separating retail, commercial, office, and residential uses as the former zoning ordinance did, the SmartCode promotes a mixture of compatible uses in a pedestrian-oriented built environment.

Outside of Old Town, a property of at least 80 contiguous acres may request a rezoning to develop under the SmartCode.

The following transects are specifically calibrated for the Old Town Historic District.

The SmartCode can be found here.
Current Hutto Maps, including the Old Town transect map, can be found here.

Old Town Transects

OT-3: Traditional Neighborhood
OT-3 is a primarily residential district with larger blocks and deeper setbacks than other parts of Old Town.

OT-4R: Urban Residential
OT-4R is a mixed-use, but predominantly residential transect. Building types include houses, townhouses and small apartments, with corner commercial activity.

OT-4T: Transition
OT-4T serves as a transitional zone between historic downtown and the residential neighborhood. Buildings are generally residential and may also accommodate retail, offices and personal services.

OT-5H: Historic
OT-5H contains Hutto’s downtown core, a mixed-use neighborhood with historic and new shops, restaurants, offices, civic buildings, live-work units and apartments. Buildings are oriented toward the street, defining a street wall.

OT-5C: Co-Op
OT-5C is the most urban zone, offering the greatest variety of uses, highest height, and significant civic buildings.

SD-A: Special District Arterial

SD-A is made up of lower-density retail, office, and industrial uses in conventional suburban form.