Sponsor Downtown Hutto

The City of Hutto is currently not hosting events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For more information on sponsoring future events contact growinghutto@huttotx.gov

Beautiful and historic, Downtown Hutto is home to local business, shops, and restaurants. As you stroll the newly renovated streets, you’ll find lovely gifts for the special people in your life, services to make your day-to-day life better, and delicious food to satisfy any craving.
How can I help?
By sponsoring one of the many Downtown Hutto events, you can support fellow Hutto residents and local business while encouraging others to come out and join in the fun of the Sunset Block Party Bash, Red, Whites, & Brews, Spring-a-Palooza, and the Downtown Holiday Fair, as well as other family-friendly events throughout the year.

Some Downtown events have additional sponsorship levels, such as entertainment and cuisine sponsorships.

The following events offer sponsorship opportunities: 
Downtown Christmas Fair - All sponsorship levels are available for this event.
Treats on East Street - All sponsorship levels are available for this event. 
Santa Claus Crawl - All sponsorship levels are available for this event. 
Spring-a-Palooza - All sponsorship levels are available for this event.
Reds, Whites & Brews- All sponsorship levels are available for this event. Additional sponsorships are available. See below!
Sunset Block Party Bash Events- All sponsorship levels are available for this event. Additional sponsorships are available. See below!
4th of July Celebration-All sponsorship levels are available for this event. Additional sponsorships are available. See below!

Download your sponsorship form HERE, then return to Downtown by mail, by email or in person at 500 W. Live Oak Street, Hutto, Texas, 78634. For more information on how you can help Sponsor Hutto, please call Kristi Robich at 512-759-4029 or send an email

What is Sponsorship? How is it different from a donation?
“Sponsorship” typically means a person or entity provides the City with financial support for an activity, City program or City facility, typically in exchange for the City providing more than nominal recognition of that financial support. This overt recognition distinguishes a sponsorship from a donation. Financial assistance provided by a sponsor may consist of cash and/or in-kind contributions.

How much does it cost? 
There are varying levels and types of sponsorship across different City of Hutto departments and activities. For example, a family or business might sponsor and name a study room in the new public library. A local business might sponsor a Hutto Parks and Recreation sports league or team, and would be recognized on t-shirts and event signage relating to that team or league. Sponsorship levels are discussed more in detail on each page.
What do I get at each level? 
Sponsorship recognition will vary depending on the level of sponsorship. 
What are the City’s responsibilities regarding the sponsored event or item? 
The City has both legal and procedural obligations to sponsors. All revenue, products, donations, sponsorships, and services received from donors and sponsors by the City of Hutto, shall be recorded and maintained.
A record of all sponsorships and donations including name, type, contact name if a company, amount, and disposition of sponsorship shall be kept up-to-date and accurate by both the receiving department and the Finance Department according to the City’s Donation, Grant, Sponsorship & Fundraising Policy.
Donations or sponsorships paid for with a monetary contribution will not be paid to staff in cash unless approved, in advance, by the Department Director and receipt of cash is properly documented.
Any accepted donation or sponsorship which would obligate the City to enter into a service or procurement agreement will be reviewed under the City procurement process.
The City encourages donations of materials with the understanding that such items have a useful life, and that the City assumes no responsibility for replacement or upkeep. Once a donation is accepted, it becomes City property and the City may maintain, replace or dispose of the item unless the donation is explicitly restricted.
The City cannot guarantee the tax deductibility of a donation but may provide the donating party with a letter of acknowledgment and a statement of the City’s intended use.
City employees who have primary responsibility for the procurement of services, supplies, materials, and equipment or Public Works and/or Finance Departments, should not engage in solicitation of donations or sponsorships.