M7 LogoThe Magnificent 7
The Magnificent 7 are projects that will strengthen Hutto’s economic development, infrastructure, quality of life, public safety and employee efficiency. The seven projects were prioritized by the City Council and represent a new way forward in Hutto, one that helps control and direct the growth that is coming to our favorite spot on the map.

H2O-2The water contract has long been an issue in Hutto. Negotiated years ago with an eye toward growth that didn’t happen at the anticipated pace, the former contract burdened taxpayers with paying for water they never used. To take control of the future of Hutto and stabilize rates for residents, the City Council made purchasing our own water assets a priority.

Inovation-business-park-2Innovation Business Park, located near the East Williamson County Higher Education Center is a chance to add jobs to Hutto, making us more than an Austin bedroom community. Partnering with Titan Development, the City of Hutto is adding this 72-acre business park to our economic development toolbox, making us an attractive option for businesses who want to call Central Texas home.

downtown-2Preserving and growing Downtown Hutto will maintain its impact on the City’s economic base, allowing residents to work and play in Hutto. With mixed-use development, including residential, retail and business development, the development of Downtown and the Co-Op will not only preserve our history but usher in our future as well.

city-hall-2A new City Hall will not only anchor the newest development in Downtown Hutto, it will also make doing business with the City easier for residents and business owners alike. Rather than being spread across four buildings, the new City Hall will allow the City of Hutto to recognize operation efficiencies, better communication and a build a stronger workforce.

                                        Spending time with family is important, and the new Pollard Park property will give residents another place to enjoy with each preview-lightbox-PARK PROPERTYother. A new amphitheater will host KOKEFest, as well as local artistic talent, and walking trails will give residents the chance to experience the beauty of Central Texas. With access to Brushy Creek, mature trees, and a pavilion, this park will also tie into the Williamson County Regional Park System.

Recognizing the need for increased infrastructure and public safety, the City Council placed an emphasis on repairing and improving current drainage solutions for the city, as well as ensuring current roadways were able to handle the expected uptick in traffic as Hutto grows.

Growth-corridors 2The City Council considers growth corridors to be an important project so that the growth coming to Hutto is planned for and follows a logical, balanced pattern. Investing in the needed infrastructure to support new residents and businesses over the next 20 years ensures a solid base for economic growth.

Check out the video below learn more about the Magnificent 7, and learn how your City Council is working to make sure “There’s No Place Like Hutto.”