2018 bond election 

The City of Hutto voters approved the three City of Hutto bond propositions on November 6. The 2018 Mid-term elections nationwide were the highest turnout for since the mid-1960s and Hutto voters followed this trend. Wiliamson County had approximately 54% voter turnout with more than 5,500 turning out to vote on the three Hutto decisions on the ballot.

Preliminary election results show that City of Hutto voters approved all three propositions after the polls closed Tuesday night totaling $125 million in streets and drainage, public safety, and parks and recreation improvements.

 “The voters have spoken loud and clear and have expressed their excitement about the direction of the City. They have validated our strategic plan of investing in public infrastructure as a means of driving quality of life and economic growth in the City of Hutto,” said Odis Jones, City Manager. “The passing of the three propositions shows confidence in the City’s leadership and the goals of the City Council,” added Jones.

A scientifically valid survey of public input contributed to the development of the proposed 2018 Bond Election.
The survey, along with the master plans, council work sessions and community input provided feedback on growth requests to get ahead of congestion for future growth. 

For more information, see Notice of Election and Ordinance.

Proposition A:  Roads & Drainage | $70 MILLION  (Roads & Drainage Projects)

roads bondProposition A is for constructing, improving, extending, expanding, upgrading and/or developing streets, roads and intersections to include:
•               FM 1660 North and Limmer Loop;
•               FM 1660 at U.S. 79;
•               FM 1660 South and Front Street; and 
•               Other streets to be determined.
Additionally, this proposition includes utility relocation, drainage improvements, sidewalks, traffic safety and operational improvements, necessary rights-of-ways and other related costs.

Proposition B: Public Safety & Communications Facility | $5 MILLION

police bondProposition B is for planning, designing, constructing, purchasing, renovating, repairing, replacing, improving, expanding and equipping public safety and communication facilities for the City police department, including audio and visual technology and related software or hardware in connection with such facilities and other related costs.

Proposition C: Parks & Recreational Facilities | $50 MILLION

bond parks - CopyProposition C is for constructing, acquiring, improving, renovating, developing and equipping, land, buildings, and supporting infrastructure for parks and recreational purposes, including
•               Renovation of existing parks and recreational facilities
•               Extension of roadways, trails, parking and/or drainage improvements at or integrated into parks; and
•               The purchase of any necessary rights-of-way and related  infrastructure and other costs.
This proposition authorizes the construction of and equipment for a recreation center and athletic fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions
These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are designed to provide general information about the bond proposal that will be presented in the Nov. 6, 2018 election for the consideration of the registered voters of the City of Hutto. The FAQ does not advocate passage or defeat of the measures and is intended for informational purposes only.

What is a bond program?

How long does it take to pay off a bond?

Why are we having a bond election?

Would approval of a bond proposition affect the City's property tax rate or my property tax bill?

What projects are slated for the program?

What is a Capital Improvement Project?

How does the City decide which projects to undertake?

What is the City's credit rating and why is it important?

Where can I find out more information about the City's budget?

When was the last bond election in Hutto?

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