Growth Guidance Plan
The 10-year Growth Guidance Plan (GGP) provides a strategic approach for the physical build out of the City to identified growth boundaries through 2015. The intent of this planning effort is to achieve the orderly growth and development of the City to promote beneficial and appropriate land uses and supporting infrastructure.

Our purpose for the City’s Growth Guidance Plan is to provide information, policy guidance and action strategies for effectively managing future development, protecting neighborhoods, conserving valuable natural resources, enhancing the community’s appearance, providing for adequate municipal facilities and services, making fiscally responsible decisions regarding future capital investments, and preserving a special quality of life for our citizens and a positive experience for visitors to Hutto.

Additionally, The Growth Guidance Plan represents consensus among citizens and community leaders on Hutto’s future and approved by the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Mayor and City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks Advisory Board, Economic Development Corporation, Historic Preservation Commission, the development community, and citizens provided direction and advice in forming the Growth Guidance Plan. Adopting the Growth Guidance Plan ratifies the document to perform multiple functions necessary for planning and growth management policies as well as satisfying the need for plan documents identified in existing City codes and ordinances. These functions and roles include the following:

  • Official baseline population projection (2000-2030)
  • General Land Use Plan for annexation, future zoning and rezoning, extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ), and land use assumptions
  • Establishment of six geographic growth areas for planning purposes
  • Authorized land use categories for designating preferred development within growth areas
  • Water infrastructure improvements plan
  • Wastewater improvements plan
  • Roadway improvements plan
  • Basis for additional planning processes and documents to include the Capital Improvements Program and area improvement efforts such as a Downtown Plan

The Growth Guidance Plan also performs the role of any of the following plan descriptions: “Comprehensive Plan”, “Future Land Use Plan”, “Comprehensive Master Plan”, “Roadway Plan”, and the like in official city documents such as the Charter and Code of Ordinances.