“This budget reflects the council’s forward vision in providing what the citizens of Hutto expect, including increased public safety, streets and drainage improvements and the revitalization of our city parks,” Hutto Mayor Doug Gaul said. “Some of the projects coming up include Live Oak and Taylor Streets, improvements to our parks and the new Justice Center. The city manager and his staff have diligently worked to provide a budget that will allow us to deliver those projects in the most cost-effective and responsible way.”
The budget provides for 13 new public safety staff and the addition of public works employees to begin construction on street and drainage projects throughout the city. It also provides the necessary funding to cover the city’s bond debt.
“Our CFO and her staff have done an outstanding job in outlining options that provide for our residents while allowing us to remain fiscally responsible to our taxpayers,” City Manager Odis Jones said. “We look forward to getting to work to provide the citizens with what they have asked for.”
This budget reflects successful economic growth.
As a result of increasing sales tax revenue due to recent economic expansion in Hutto, City Manager Odis Jones' proposed $78 million budget reflects a minimal increase in the operations tax rate of the city.
"Due to the economic development and progress the last two years, our tax rate increase outside of voter approved bonds is less than one penny," Jones said. "Our community is beginning to see the benefits of fostering the economy through lower taxes and increased services."
While the new tax rate is just over 11 cents higher than last year's tax rate, it includes a 10.7 cent increase for debt service related to voter approved bonds, and just under one cent, $0.008, for M&O, or management of those bond projects. The 2020 proposed maximum tax rate of $0.631350 per $100 valuation is down from a maximum calculated tax rate of $0.694831 due to a substantial increase in sales tax collected in 2018, according to the Williamson County Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet.
"The majority of the new tax rate is to provide the roads, drainage, infrastructure, parks and public safety improvements and services 70 percent of nearly 7,000 voters demanded," Jones said. "City revenue has seen a positive upturn with our economic growth, and we are asking for about $1 a month to maintain and manage the implementation of the projects our citizens have approved with their general election vote."
In November 2018, voters approved $125 million in bond projects in what turned out to be the largest voter turnout in Hutto's history. The proposed tax rate totals an increase of about $230 annually on a Hutto home valued around $200,000, of which, $214 is directly related to voter approved bond projects: 


Increase/$100 valuation

Annual Increase

Monthly Increase

2019-20 Debt Rate (Voter approved bonds)

10.7 cents



2019-20 M&O Rate

.008 cents



    *based on average home value of around $200,000

Of the $125 million, four percent or $5 million, is proposed to go toward the construction of a new Justice Center to provide increased public safety services and communication, while 96 percent, or $120 million, will go to infrastructure and parks improvements: 


Bond Project Cost

Annual Increase*

Monthly Increase*

Public Safety/Justice Center

$5 million



Streets, Drainage, Infrastructure, Parks

$120 million



    *based on average home value of around $200,000
"We are able to implement bond programs and the operations of those services at a minimal cost - as low as less than 75 cents a month for increased police and public safety," Jones said.