On August 17, 2019, as thousands descended on the City of Hutto for the annual 2-Day KOKEFEST Country Concert, Detective Catherine Parker and Office Abel Valles were assigned to traffic control at the intersection of S FM 1660 and CR 137.

As both officers worked to move concert-going traffic smoothly through the intersection, people would often wave in appreciation for their work in the brutal Texas heat.

The driver of one vehicle, though, waved with desperation as he approached the intersection. When Valles and Parker came to check on him, he told them his passenger was the one in need of help. The passenger had a traumatic injury to his upper arm and was losing blood rapidly with open gashes. The wounded man said he had an accident at home and on their way to the hospital when they saw the officers.

Moving quickly, Parker proceeded to administer first aid by packing the wound and holding pressure on the injury site. To further control the bleeding, Valles applied a tourniquet to the wound, following aid protocol.

After applying the tourniquet, Valles radioed for emergency medical services while Parker kept the wounded man calm, and placed him in her air-conditioned vehicle after he said he felt like passing out. Both officers continued to tend to the man until EMS arrived. The wounded man was transported to the hospital and his injuries treated.

Both officers have been publicly commended for their efforts in providing first aid to a victim while assigned to a special event. Due to their quick action, the man’s injuries were addressed quickly and effectively, improving his projected outcome and eventual recovery.