City of Hutto, Perfect Game Receive Top Elite Relocation Award from YTEXAS

 Dallas, Texas (Sept. 27, 2019) — Perfect Game and the City of Hutto received the top “All-In Award” from YTEXAS, a business award for companies relocating, expanding and growing in Texas, at the annual awards dinner on Friday, Sept. 27 in Dallas.

 In April of this year, Perfect Game, the nation's premiere baseball scouting organization, selected the City of Hutto as the home to relocate its headquarters. This multi-use development will be anchored by Perfect Game and represents a billion-dollar investment within the city and is projected to bring in more than 700,000 visitors to Hutto each year, making it the largest development in Hutto’s history.

 “Perfect Game is excited to establish roots in Hutto,” Perfect Game Founder Jerry Ford stated. “We look forward to helping Hutto and the greater Austin region achieve its economic and community goals."

 “As the largest economic development project the City of Hutto has ever seen, we are proud to announce Perfect Game as this year's All-In award winner," said Ed Curtis, founder and CEO of YTEXAS during the awards ceremony. "The $200 million impact the project will have in Hutto alone, along with the company's commitment to hiring Texans for its expansion, make Perfect Game the hands down winner for this year's event.  We welcome the entire team and Ford family to Texas."

 This top relocation award in the State of Texas was presented to the Perfect Game Project, a partnership between the City of Hutto, Perfect Game and Legacy Development, amid a pool of prestigious companies from 30 cities and seven countries who have also chosen to relocate their headquarters to Texas.

 "This elite award recognizes that Perfect Game is committed to Texas by relocating their entire headquarters, moving employees, creating new jobs and investing in real estate in Texas,” said City Manager Odis Jones. “Together, Perfect Game, Legacy Development, Sports Facility Advisory (SFA) and the City have worked tirelessly to make this happen and we are honored to be recognized for our efforts.”

 The new Health and Sports District in Hutto will feature Perfect Game as the anchor and will have state of the art technology and feature office, commercial, residential, medical and physical therapy services, and sports and clothing apparel, marking Hutto’s first entry into the apparel marketplace, as well as the Perfect Game Hall of Fame. The site will feature 24 turf baseball fields, 10 of which the City will develop for public use, along with multi-purpose fields and other recreational opportunities. The Perfect Game project will include a convention facility and convention hotel providing an unprecedented diversification of the tax base in the City of Hutto, including tourism and hotel business.

 “Hutto is a shining example of why you choose Texas,” said Jones. “We believe in business and unleashing the dynamism of entrepreneurship. This is an exciting opportunity for us, our region and our state.”

YTexas Relo Awards Perfect Game Award