Renovations to Community Park, at 514 S Pauley Drive, include a new shade structures, a new playground, sidewalk additions, an improved basketball court, new fencing and improved access to the facilities.

The project, paid for by a voter-approved bonds, is the first in a series of projects to revamp the park system throughout Hutto. Approved by 70 percent of the voters in November 2018, Proposition C allocated $50 million dollars to renovate and improve City of Hutto park facilities, aligning with the City’s family-friendly vision.

Mayor Pro Tem Tom Hines and Councilmember Patti Martinez spoke at the event as children filled the park to play on the new structures and enjoy the improvements while visiting with their neighbors for National Night Out.

“We’re doing our best trying to make the vision the council has deemed for the past couple of years, come to fruition,” said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Hines. “It is only the beginning. There is unprecedented growth going on right now. We have new jobs coming, people will be staying here, they’ll be working here, they’ll be playing here and we’re seeing it today. We’re just starting and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Ranked as the #1 city to raise a family in Texas, Hutto’s commitment to improving resident quality of life through developing and renovating outdoor space is a focus area in the 2020 Strategic Plan and reflects the priorities of the City Council.

 “It makes me feel proud to see that what the community voted for is what we are giving to them,” said Councilmember Patti Martinez. “Kids play here and before, they weren’t that excited about the park, and now they have something to look forward to.” 

Hutto is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, and young families make up a large portion of the newcomers.

Other park improvements planned for City of Hutto parks include: Hutto Lake Park which will see improvements to parking, lighting in the parking lot and park, and installation of the shade structures over play areas. There will also be renovations to the existing trails and construction of new trails. At Fritz Park, there will be renovations to the existing youth fields, upgrades to the playground for ADA compliance and improvements to the restroom facilities. Fritz Park will also see the addition of a splash pad.
For more information, please go to the city’s website and click on “Projects.”